Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Blighted Well, From Skull Forge Scenics

This Blighted Well from Skull Forge Scenics is a last-minute surprise for 2017, and the timing couldn't be better with the upcoming Nurgle releases for Warhammer Age of Sigmar!




My original plan was to release a Blighted Well, but I figured a "normal" well might appeal to a wider range of people and games, so I made a master casting of the basic well before "putrifying" it. The Blighted Well is overflowing with puss and giant maggot-worms. Woe betide anyone who falls in. (They will wish there was only a long-haired, creepy zombie-girl at the bottom!)


The blighted well is available for purchase HERE. Pick one up for your battlefield, and ring in the New Year with blessings of filth and decay!


The original Town Well is also available. I previewed this a couple weeks ago, but here is a painted example. This well may be old, but its water is still safe to drink!







You can purchase the Town Well and Blighted Well in my Skull Forge Scenics shop!
Skull Forge Scenics

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Wargame Hobby Bingo, 2018

As 2017 draws to a close, it's time to set some goals for 2018. And for that, we need a new Hobby Bingo card: 


Friday, December 22, 2017

2017, A Look Back in Miniatures

Last year I had discovered Martin Lymer's painting bingo card and tried my hand at filling it in. I wasn't able to score a bingo this year, but I did get a fair amount of work done.


Here's how 2017 went down for me...

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Back on the Road to Armageddon

Earlier this year, I posted about the progress of my Adepta Sororitas kill team for the local shop's Shadow War: Armageddon campaign. I had to drop out due to work, but it gave me time to finish my kill team, and now the Keepers of the Sacred Sword are ready for battle in the new campaign!



Thursday, December 7, 2017

Well, well, well...

Today I put up a new product in my Skull Forge Scenics online store. This town well is the first of my "Ruins of the Ancient Realm" line of non-graveyard fantasy terrain. I kept it fairly generic, so it will fit with medieval fantasy games like Warhammer, Kings of War, or Warmachine, or old west games Like Wild West Exodus, or even similarly scaled historical games.





I wanted to make something with a broken shingled roof, and I'm really happy with the results. The initial castings came out great!





I'll post more pictures as soon as I get one painted up.

If you've been following my twitter feed, you'll know that I've also been working on my Adepta Sororitas kill team again for the new Shadow War league the shop is starting next week. Once they're finished, I'll be tackling some of the Primaris space marines from the starter set. I've also got a handful of figures for my Skaven Pestilens army, like the Plague Censor Bearers, which I might get to this year...

'Til next time!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

WWX Watcher Hive, The Final Board

In this post I talk about the final construction of the Watcher Hive board I made for Warcradle Studio's Wild West Exodus miniatures game, and I show off the completed table...

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Making it Rain, Part 2: Painting

In part one, I discussed the construction of my Plagueclaw catapult, converted from a Screaming Bell kit. In part two I'll share my process for speed painting Skaven war machines.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

WWX Watcher Hive, The Interior

Last time, I showed you the construction of the mountainous exterior of the Wild West Exodus Watcher Hive. But what sinister machinations lurk under the surface? Let's take a look inside...


Thursday, November 16, 2017

WWX Watcher Hive, The Mountain

Warcradle Studios commissioned me to build a table for their their Wild West Exodus miniatures game. The "Watcher Hive" was a pretty ambitious concept, involving a 4' x4' board representing the hive interior, lit with LED lighting, and a separate board representing the mountain exterior around the hive.


Today, we'll take a look at the mountain exterior:


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Making it Rain, Part 1: Construction

Construction of the Plagueclaw Catapults is finally complete, and the Foulrain Congregation is almost ready for battle...


Monday, October 30, 2017

Skull Forge Scenics Halloween Sale

To celebrate Halloween, I'm having a sale in my Skull Forge Scenics shop– A perfect opportunity to pick up some graveyard scenery for your battlefield! I've added a new item in the shop as well–a handy combat gauge.




Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Skaven War Machine Rolls On

My trio of Plagueclaw Catapults that will form the Foulrain Congregation is coming together nicely. Here's a look at how I'm converting the Screaming Bell into a third Plagueclaw...


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Star Wars Scenery Showcase: Sullust

The other scenery board I made for Fantasy Flight's upcoming miniatures game Star Wars: Legion was this Imperial mining facility, set among the sulfur flats and lava flows on the planet Sullust.


I took plenty of photos while building this table, so I can talk about the construction process a little more:

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Skaven Project Queue 2017

As it happens, I collect two of the most unsupported armies in Age of Sigmar. I guess that can be said for a lot of classic armies, but Death is the only entire grand alliance to receive absolutely nothing new in the two years since Sigmar premiered. The 2017 General's Handbook offers three new allegiance factions for the undead, but each one relies on such a narrow selection of units that, even though I have over 7000 points of "Vampire Counts" undead, I am unable to pull together 1600 points of the specific models required to build a 2000 points Flesh-eater Court, Soulblight, or Nighthaunt list.

I was kind of hoping that I would never have to paint any more Spirit Hosts, and I can't get excited about spamming the Crypt Horror/Crypt Flayer/Vargheist kit over and over. There's probably something on the horizon for the Death Grand Alliance next year, but until then I'm going to focus on my Skaven:

The Boneripper

I got excited to try the Moulder monster list I came up with. I only need a second Hell Pit Abomination to field it, so I'm using Thanquol's giant Boneripper. He's the right size and "abomination-y" enough to fill the roll if I leave Thanquol off. I'll paint up the Grey Seer parts so I can add him on later.



The regular Hell Pit Abomination was a nightmare to build and paint, but Boneripper went together much more easily. I had planned to magnetize the warpstone fists and warpfire projectors, but in the end I settled on pins.


Boneripper is primed and ready to go. I left off a lot of the mechanical parts so I could paint the body more easily.


Plagueclaw Catapults

To get my Pestilens Allegiance army off the ground I need two more of these for the Foulrain Congregation Battalion. The first Plagueclaw is assembled and sprayed...



The second needs to be converted out of the Screaming Bell. I've been trying to figure out how to rearrange the chassis. I'm considering using the monks pulling the rope as though they were pulling the catapult arm into position. The large brazier will be the catapult bucket, and I'll press mold some plague-glop into it. Should be fun.


Plague Priests

I'll use the monk and Grey Seer from the bell to kitbash a few more unique Plague Priests. One will be modeled with the Bilious Bell and the other will be the priest commanding the Foulrain Congregation.



Plague Censor Bearers

I've got about 35 Plague Monks that need to be converted into Plague Censor Bearers. I'll build these guys in batches of five or ten until I finish the lot of them.




Once the other Pestilens projects are complete, I'll be able to add in some Clanrats as allies, and that's where these guys will come in.



Aside from the odd character or weapon team, a couple extra Rat Ogres and plenty of old Clanrats, that's pretty much everything I have in my collection of unbuilt Skaven models. Then it will be on to some Space Marines or maybe Star Wars when Legion comes out.

'Til next time!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Star Wars Scenery Showcase: Lothol

Over the summer, Fantasy Flight Games commissioned me to make some boards for their new miniatures game, Star Wars Legion. It was exciting to finally see the game debuted at Gencon. Here's a look at the Lothol demo board that I made for them.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Skaven Allegiences, Part 2: Clan Skryre

Last time, I discussed the Skaven Pestilens allegiance abilities in the 2017 General's Handbook, and laid out my plans for my own Pestilens force. I've done a little work on the models– The first Plagueclaw is assembled and ready to be primed. I added a cauldron of filth on one arm using one of the spare pieces and a simple press mold of the glop on the catapult arm. Up the opposite side, I attached some strips of card, scored with a wood grain pattern and pressed with rivets. The Catapult, wheels, and crew will all be painted in separate parts.




I also converted five Plague Censor Bearers. They are assembled from the Plague Monk kit, with the censor weapon arm and staves rearranged and pinned together to create a two-handed weapon. I'm hoping to work in a few of the "smoking" censors from the Plague Furnace chassis to bring a little more life and color to the models.



Now let's take a look at the Skaven Skryre Allegiance:

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Skaven Allegiances and the General's Handbook

I finally got my grubby hands on the 2017 General's Handbook.



In this post, I talk about the new Matched Play rules and see how the new Allegiance Abilities will affect my Skaven army.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Something Else Wicked Also Comes This Way

For Privateer Press Grymkin commission, I also made a few buildings. These were based on the existing structures on their city table, but broken open and overgrown with creepy trees.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Privateer Press had commissioned me to build some Grymkin-themed terrain to go with their Iron Gauntlet table. If you attended their Lock and Load convention this year, you may have seen it, or even played a game on the board. Here's a look at some of pieces I made.