Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Back on the Road to Armageddon

Earlier this year, I posted about the progress of my Adepta Sororitas kill team for the local shop's Shadow War: Armageddon campaign. I had to drop out due to work, but it gave me time to finish my kill team, and now the Keepers of the Sacred Sword are ready for battle in the new campaign!



If you follow me on Twitter, you've seen the daily progress I had been making on the Sisters. My process and color palette is the same as my Black Templars– Drybrushing mix of black and GW Fang Grey for the armor and clothing, and then picking out the white bits, purity seals, and metal parts. In fact, I chose the Valorous Hearts Order for my Sisters because of its similarity to the Black Templars.

Check out my Black Templars painting guide here: Painting Tutorial: Black Templars





The main difference between the Templars and the Sisters is having to paint the hair and faces. The different hair colors help distinguish the different models on the table, and I color-coded the hair to match the names where I could– Orange for Ophelia, silver hair for Silvia, for example.



The kill teams can hire Seraphim as special operatives. I've only got one of those, so I re-based her to match the diamond-plate basing scheme. Since the model was floating above the base, I built it up with some pipes so it wouldn't appear too barren.


The ammo marker is to represent the Armorer skill if my kill team leader earns it.


Here's the full kill team. You can read the backstory that I wrote for them here: The Road to Armageddon: My Kill Team









This is what their starting roster looks like. 1000 points doesn't go very far, and buying gunners will take at least two games (one to pay for the character, and another to pay for her heavy weapon), so I went all-in on the gunner specialists. Dominica and Ophelia have a multi-melta and heavy bolter, respectively. Angelica and the two Novitiates, Silvia and Loralinia, only have a pistol and combat blade. With my final 20 points, I bought a red-dot laser sight for Loralinia (she was the one with it modeled on her pistol).

With that, the Keepers of the Sacred Sword set out for the underhive. In their first game, they squared off against a team of Harlequins in a Kill Team Fight. When a Harlequin Player charged Silvia Graves, she broke from fear and spent most of the game scrambling away toward cover. Angelica was close by, and was able to cut down the Player and take it out of action. The gunners were able to take out another member of the Harlequin team while a Mime and the Troupe Master charged Loralinia. She held out for a turn or two, but finally fell, the Troupe Master and Mime charged each of them, and Dominica went down quickly while Ophelia held on for dear life. Silvia finally regained her nerve, but she and Angelica were too far away to help, so the team voluntarily bottled out to prevent Ophelia from getting taken out of action.

In the post-battle sequence, both Loralinia and Dominica recovered from their injuries with the result "what doesn't kill you..." Loralinia, as a Novitiate, was ineligible for an advancement, but Dominica gained the skill Fast Shot, which will allow her to use sustained fire for a basic weapon. I'll have to equip her with a bolter down the road, so if her multi-melta runs out of ammo, she can pull her backup weapon and fire it D3 times. I made an advancement roll for Angelica, who gained the Survivor skill, which should help her stay alive in the future.

I bought boltguns and a red-dot sight for Silvia and Loralinia, which will hopefully improve my shooting game, because the Sisters can't fight worth a damn. Even my leader only has 2 Attacks (+1 with a pistol and sword) which is comparable to a lot of basic troopers. We'll see what the future holds!

'Til next time!


  1. A great looking force. Having the hair colour match the first letter of each name is genius, and a great way to pick them out on the tabletop.

  2. Looking great, dude!

    I did something similar to what you did with the hair colours and names, but even dorkier, with the Chaos Cultists in my Chaos Kill Team. They're all named something related to the weapon they're carrying, so the guy with the bludgeon is Bud, the dude with the Autogun is Otto, Phil has a flail, and so on. I figure the actual Chaos Marines in the group don't bother to learn the names of the Culties, and just kind of slap those names on whoever is carrying that bit of gear that day.

  3. These look great! Some good inspiration to break out my own sisters and get them done!


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