Thursday, May 19, 2016

Skulls and Graveyard Walls

A couple new items are coming up for Skull Forge Scenics. The first is a pack of skulls. Here are the master casts set up for molding and I'll have these up for sale soon.


Edit:  The skulls are up for sale now in my store:  



The wall set I had been sculpting was taken back to square one. These earlier pieces (the ones I posted pictures of a couple weeks ago) weren't working for me. Since they were sculpted from a relatively flat section of putty over the MDF core, the stonework wasn't giving me the difference in depth and angle in the stones that I was hoping for, and the placement of the stones didn't match on the reverse side.


These new walls were made by placing and sculpting individual blocks of putty, and I'm much more satisfied with the result.


The stones are sculpted from Aves Apoxie® Sculpt, and any deep gaps between them are filled with Brown Stuff modeling putty.


Here are the two side-by-side:


The wall posts use the "skull shrines" I previewed on Facebook.


One of my pet peeves when it comes to wargaming terrain is wall sections that don't properly line up or "join" at the corners, or that don't have proper "ends." I've designed these so the inset skull shrines are recessed enough that the walls will insert into them and link the segments together or form corner posts. The wall posts can also be used as stand-alone elements for the bases of a statues or monuments.



I'm working on the tops now. I've kept them as a separate part for ease of molding. Any significant "lip" would be difficult to pull out of the mold, or might have bubbles, ruining the whole wall. I can also make different wall toppers (flat stones; spiked fencing, etc.) to provide more variety in the future.

'Til next time!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Korak's Mortis Engine

This week, I finally finished up the Mortis Engine.




I don't usually paint source lighting on my miniatures, but as I was painting the chassis and assembling it, I decided to add some yellow to the green of the spirits where they pass near the flames. I also added a little green hue to the bottom of the bone framework to help to blend the different elements of the model and give it a more unified color scheme, rather than distinct areas of "green" "bone" and "flame."



The corpsemaster can toggle between the "regular" attendant and the wraith Korak the Grim.





Other than repainting my Banshees so they match my new ethereal color scheme, and putting together the remaining wraiths that I have in my parts box, this wraps up the "Spectral" wing of the Legion of the Infernal Skull– all the ethereal elements, led by the Korak. Now to tear them all off their bases and put them on rounds! (No, not really.)


*Edit:  Just remembered that I also have 10 Hexwraiths in a box somewhere. I guess it never ends...


Coming Soon: Skull Forge Scenics Skulls and Walls

The molds are finished for the skulls and I'm finishing up the wall segments. I'll be posting some pictures soon and hope to have them up for sale by the end of the month (hopefully sooner), but here's a peek at the skulls as I've incorporated them into the end posts for the walls:



'Til next time!