Monday, October 30, 2017

Skull Forge Scenics Halloween Sale

To celebrate Halloween, I'm having a sale in my Skull Forge Scenics shop– A perfect opportunity to pick up some graveyard scenery for your battlefield! I've added a new item in the shop as well–a handy combat gauge.




I have always preferred cosmetic solutions that don't break the aesthetic of the miniatures game whan it comes to tokens and tools. I wanted a unique tool for measuring combat ranges, so I sculpted this handsome combat gauge. It's perfect for measuring the 3" bubble around units and scenery with no fuss.

The gauge is 3-inches long and 1-inch wide, which is perfect for measuring the most common distances used in tabletop games without being overly cumbersome. There are notches down the sides marking 1-inch increments, and the center line between the boards on the reverse side marks 1/2-inch.





The notches on the side mark out 1-inch increments, which are useful for measuring models with 2" range on their melee weapons. In my experience, having an oddly-shaped tool that has a 2-inch edge isn't really helpful because you can't fit it down to the ground-level among closely packed models anyway.


Because the gauge is modeled like a sign board, it can be used as an embellishment for your battlefield scenery. The open spaces on the parchment are perfect for writing in any relevant scenery effects.


Pick up your combat gauge today for only $4!  WWW.SKULLFORGESCENICS.COM

For my 2017 Halloween sale, the following items are 10% off from now until Friday November 3rd: Roadside Shrines, Tombstones, Graveyard Walls, Ruined Graveyard Walls, The Complete Graveyard Deal, and Meteorites.






Smaller items like the Ruined Shrine, Tree Stumps, Tombstones, and Combat Gauge are not on sale, but they are still a great value and perfect for adding extra detail to your scenery and bases.





'Til next time, Happy Halloween!

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