Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Skaven War Machine Rolls On

My trio of Plagueclaw Catapults that will form the Foulrain Congregation is coming together nicely. Here's a look at how I'm converting the Screaming Bell into a third Plagueclaw...


The second catapult is finished except for painting its crew and its pestilential payload. I modified it the same way I built the first one, with the ladder boards up one side, and the cauldron.


Here you can see the frame of the third Plagueclaw shaping up next to the other two. I swapped the wheels around so the three machines would all look distinct.


I shortened the chassis of the Screaming Bell and moved the wheels in to narrow the frame. The stones and ropes from the scaffolding were removed, and I cut it apart to get an appropriate triangular shape.


The floorboards were cut so the new side walls wound fit into the chassis.


The excess wooden parts will make a nice barricade wall & gateway for some Skaven scenery. I'll also mount the stones and bell on a scenic base, perfect to represent a piece of Inspiring terrain.


The monks from the Plague Furnace will become the Plagueclaw's crew. I'm currently trying to work out a way to make it look like they are pulling the catapult arm into position.


The large brazier will be the catapult basket. I'll trim off the whispy smoke to use on a plague censor, and the rest of the overflowing smoke will be shaped to look like the "slop" in the basket is sloshing about. Some serious putty work will be required here. There are a lot of other bits that were cut off of the Screaming Bell scaffolding that I'll be able to work into other projects. I think those curved railings might make a suitable saddle-throne for when I eventually mount Thanquol on the Boneripper's back.


The Foulrain Congregation battalion is led by a Plague Priest, so I'm converting one out of the Grey Seer components from the Screaming Bell. The pointing arm from the Plagueclaw crew will be worked in, and I plan to pose the Priest as though he's pointing out a target, directing his artillery. The Seer's upper robes and legs have a very specific pose, intended for standing atop the bell, so I'm going to need to get creative when chopping up his parts.


'Til next time!

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