Monday, July 25, 2016

New Resin Terrain and More Dreadfleet

Skull Forge Scenics: Ruined Graveyard Walls

I've added a new set to the Skull Forge Scenics online store:



These are ruined walls, designed in the same style as my other graveyard walls. The set includes three crumbling wall sections and two wall posts.


The posts work as corners or ends that the walls insert into.



I hope to have my own set painted soon, and I'll definitely post some pictures.


Dreadfleet Final Assembly

The end is finally in sight for this project. Painting is underway on the three sea monsters...



And with only four ships remaining, I decided to assemble the hulls and get them primed and ready to go. The Heldenhammer and Flaming Scimitar went together very easily. I was concerned about getting at the detail on the Heldenhammer, but it's really accessible as a single part. For the Scimitar, I left the tower with the djinn and efreet separate. It will be primed white for the brighter colors.


The Shadewraith was kept in a few parts so I can paint the insides and outsides of the hull halves, since the interior will be visible through the ship's skeletal framework. These are getting primed grey with a white zenith spray.


And then we come to the Bloody Reaver. I'm saving the most complicated ship for last, and I don't know how this is going to work. The join between the ship halves will need to be puttied...


...but there's a sail that needs to be inserted in between the two halves before they are glued together, meaning that the parts should be painted separately.


The outer layer of the hull has detail in the inside that will be difficult to reach once assembled.


But the outer half also includes a portion of the castle that will need to be puttied, so it's another situation of pieces that need to be painted separately. I might be able to separate the castle portion and attach it to the center, but I still don't know what to do with that front sail.


And to top it off, the masts all have ball-and-socket attachment points that need to be inserted before the halves are glued together and no locking key to make sure they're oriented in the right direction.


It may be an assembly nightmare, but this ship is huge– almost five inches long– and I can't wait to see it painted.


'Til next time!


  1. Technical issues aside, those models are going to look absolutely amazing. I'm more interested in the Shadewraith, but I've always liked being able to see interior stuff.

    1. The detail on these things is just fantastic. I think the only one I don't care for is the Flaming Scimitar, only because I don't care for the flame and wind motif, not because it's a poor sculpt or anything. Hopefully I'll appreciate it more once it's painted.