Sunday, June 16, 2024

Skaven Warp-Skryre Tower Painting Journal, Part 2

After falling behind in my painting challenge, I attempt to get things back on track...


To recap, I'm in a friendly painting challenge with Ron Kruzie (@i_ron_painter on Instagram) to try and finish our respective projects within two weeks.

Thursday, June 13, Day 6–

This was my catch-up day, and I definitely needed it, because I wasn't able to finish all the metal and details on the large walkway. I didn't have a lot of time to work on the terrain, so I was only able to paint the metal bits and machinery.



As, I had expected, picking out the metal bits on all the wooden structures was the most time consuming aspect of this project.

Friday, June 14, Day 7–

Adding vegetation to scenery is one of my favorite parts of the process. With the base and rock spire completely painted, I could add the flock and static grass. I did this in a few steps throughout the day to allow the glue to dry. During the drying time, I worked on the remaining details on the large walkway.

I used the same basing scheme as on my other graveyard scenery so everything will match on the battlefield. I started by painting some patches of waterproof wood glue on the ground and rocks, and applying a mix of Woodland Scenics Burnt Grass Turf and Blended Turf (flock) to match my gaming mat and create moss on the rock face.



Once the flock had dried, I painted some smaller patches over it and applied loose static grass to make a few grassy areas.



Then, I finished everything off by adding some grass tufts. These were Army Painter Mountain Tufts and Jungle Tufts. I super glued them in place and drybrushed the tops of them with a little Army Painter Skeleton Bone.



And, I finally finished that pesky walkway! All the wrappings, ropes, and bells were knocked out in short order in between grass applications.



I even managed to prime the pipes and hoses and get a bit of a head start on them:



Saturday, June 15, Day 8–

I had scheduled to paint all the metal on the collector and its platform. I didn't have nearly as much time as I had hoped, so I was only able to put the metal base coats on the collector.



Instead, with the time I had, I finished the remaining loose pipes. I had blocked off an entire day next week to paint the pipes, so now that they're finished, I can use that open day as another "catch-up" day to finish those big parts.



'Til next time!

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