Sunday, July 9, 2023

Wight Kings and Queens

Wights and Wight Kings have always been among of my favorite unit types in Warhammer. Here's a look at my older Wight Kings, and the new Wight Queens that I'm working on.


The plastic Wight King might be my all-time favorite miniature GW has ever produced. But I don't build anything "stock" anymore, especially characters, so mine are heavily converted. These were built in 2012, and you can see the entire build in this post– Modeling: Wight Kings


To date, I've only ever posted one collage photo of them, so I figure it was time to get some better images. I dubbed the silent pair the Sepulchral Sentinels, and at least one of them has been included in nearly every army list I've fielded.


When envisioning Vampire Queen Olivia's army, I decided that her lieutenants would be women, and a pair of "Wight Queens" was part of that planning process even before I started working on her assembly. I used the female Vampire Lord's legs for Olivia with the intention of combining the top of that model with the skirt from a banshee. And, because I tend to build my armies with some amount of symmetry, I decided to make two. Here's a look at the process for building the first one:

The Banshee was cut apart at the hips...



...And the vampire's armored torso was fit over top. The skirt only needed a little material shaved off to get it to fit comfortably.



I glued the skirt into the armor, but kept the "core" of the skirt separate so I could adequately paint inside the folds of the outer and inner portions.



The wight needs to be skeletal in nature to help differentiate it from a banshee or a vampire. I used some of the Cursed City skeleton arms to replace her hands. In this image, you can see the components used– The forearm from the skeleton champion was combined with the upper arm from the vampire. The blue sword is from a Nighthaunt Dreadblade Harrow. I pinned the arm segments together with thin 26-gauge wire, drilled with an equally small pin vise drill bit. I also put a wire through the hand into the sword and pommel.



For the other arm, I used the same process, but cut the upper arm away from the shoulder pauldron so it could extend straight out, and I replaced her hand with the pointing hand from the Cursed City hanging skeleton. 



The bat-wing elbow couters needed a little trimming to fit around the new arms, but they help hide a myriad of sins. Now she is holding her sword at the ready, calling out her foe!



The skull is also from the Cursed City hanging skeleton, and I used the hair from a Daughters of Khaine Witch Aelf. This new "wig" needed to be hollowed out a bit to fit over the skull, which was pinned onto the torso.



Once I was happy with the position, I glued the hair in place...



...and tidied up the hairline with modeling putty.



The back of her collar needed to be trimmed a bit to accommodate the hair.



Then, the head was glued in place, and I concealed the pin with some sculpted vertebrae. 



She turned out as well as I could have hoped! There's one more to go, and then I need to attach them to bases.

'Til next time!


  1. She looks great! Great sense of motion with the hair and the banshee skirt portion.

  2. Awesome conversions! I love seeing the stages involved. Well done!

  3. Great conversion, looking forward to seeing paint on her!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully it won't take as long as it usually does to paint up my converted characters. :D

  4. Great job! really inspiring.


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