Monday, March 13, 2023

What's in the Project Queue? (2023)

I've been combing through my old posts, looking for projects that I never got around to –incomplete project queues, tutorials I had promised, requests from readers– and I've compiled a master list of every unfinished project that I mentioned on this blog. My goal for the end of the year is to get through as many of them as possible.



Space Marines and Scenery

Space Marine Attack Bikes– I've had these guys primed and ready to go for about a decade. I even pulled them out and moved hem to my Shelf of Shame™ sometime last year, with plans to "knock them out real quick." (Famous last words!)



40K Servohauler Crane– Man, I was really looking forward to painting these, and grabbed them the day they were released... SIX YEARS AGO?! The box has been sitting in my storage room ever since. I've really got to paint these, and after working on my Imperial Fists and the Star Wars shipwrecks, I've developed some new painting and weathering techniques that should make them look ace.



Resin Cityfight Terrain– I've got a handful of old Armorcast resin pieces that I was planning to add to my collection of 40K cityfight terrain. But looking at them now, the castings aren't that great– littered with air bubbles and bits of mold tear-out. The bunker is a resin piece that I made during my time at GW. I'm not really digging these anymore, so maybe I'll just donate them to the local shop.



Rivet Wars Bunker Tutorial– I built the Rivet Wars diorama back in 2013, and I had promised a tutorial for the concrete bunkers. Maybe I'll try to put together a video tutorial for this.



Skaven Queue

Plague Censor Bearers– I've got the parts to make 20 more, and even have the wire ropes already made for the censors. It's been a while since I worked on a large unit build, so this might be a nice change of pace from single conversion-heavy characters and complicated scenery projects.



Rat Ogres– While I'm at it, I may as well knock out these two extra Rat Ogres in my parts bin.



Stormfiend Bits– I still have one set of waepons left to paint for my Stormfiends. I left the windlaunchers hanging because I had kitted the models out for the other (better) weapon options, but now that the unit entry has restricted which weapon combinations can be equipped, I might end up needing to use them. (And I don't like having unfinished stuff in my miniature case.) 



Photos of Skaven Boats– In 2013, I posted photos of my Skaven pirate ship that appeared in the Warhammer Fantasy General's Compendium. I never did take any photos of the other barges that I'd made, so I'll have to dig them out of storage and take some pictures.



Odds and Ends

Hellsteed and Necrotic Colossus– These projects kept rearing their heads in my undead queues as the years went by. I've basically given up on ever finishing them, but have included them here for completion. We'll see what the winds hold for The Old World (If it's ever released)– Maybe I'll find a use for a vampire mounted on a winged steed and an undead giant.



Resin Winged Ghoul Kings and Winged Ghouls/ Crypt Flayers– I'm still not sure about the winged ghouls. Maybe I'd put a few on a bass and count that swarm as a single Crypt Flayer. I'll likely hold off on these and see what's in store for the Old World. If I can field them as part of a classic Vampire Counts army, I'd prefer that to building out a separate Flesh-eater Courts army. (But I'm really looking forward to painting those Winged Ghoul Kings!)



Gaslands Cars– Even if I never get to play the game, I'd still really like to convert these Matchbox cars into Mad-Max-Machines.



Reader Requests

Ellesse had suggested converting Ahriman to make a Teentch Fatemaster and building some Egyptian-themed terrain. That might be a nice change of pace from my usual undead and rats, and if I get rolling on a Tomb Kings army, I could use some Egyptian scenery.

Northblade wanted to see me paint some Lord of the Rings models. I have a bunch of Uruk-hai models that I don't think I ever posted photos of. And I can probably dig up some other LOTR models to add to the collection.

Emile Escheier recommended using the new Mortarch Arkhan the Black and converting him into his classic chariot look. I still have the parts for Arkhan, so I might be able to convert up a flying chariot for him. I might give this a shot as part of a Tomb kings force. I even have a spare skirt for Nagash that I had intended to use to make a "Tomb Kings-based" version of the model (just swapping the top half so he could toggle between the flaming base and a sand base).



And all of this isn't even counting regular projects like painting the Cursed City set, finishing the Skaven Warp-Skryre Tower, and working on the new Blood Knights, Tomb Kings, and other stuff I've got on the back burner. Whew!

'Til next time!

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