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Monday, November 26, 2018

What's in the Project Queue, November 2018

Here's a look at the projects I've got on my painting table:




There's a mini 40K tournament coming up at the shop, and I'm breaking out my Necrons to participate in it. The list size is limited to 500 points and a Patrol Detachment, so I'm adding a Necron Lord on foot to lead the patrol. I painted this guy last night, and this gets me a box on the Wargame Hobby Bingo card for playing an army that I haven't used in over a year and painting a new model for it.


My Necron army dates back to the 2002 codex (what was that, 3rd Edition?) and I haven't done anything with them in ages. I haven't even put up any photos of the army on this blog, so I'll have to remedy that and post some gallery shots.

On the Bingo card, I've also checked the box for adding a new unit and painting it before it sees the battlefield. My Blood Knights had their first game last week, against a Blades of Khorne force, and did about as well as I expected–



The scenario was "Escalation" and my Legion of Night army managed to win by one victory point. My dire wolves grabbed objectives early, and I had deployed two units of Morghasts in ambush to take out my opponent's cabal Slaughterpriests and his Bloodsecrater totem. They took out the priests and the Blood Knights had to move around to finish off the Bloodsecrater. They were then bogged down and slowly killed off by the surrounding forces, but held them up for most of the game.

In the center, Archaon and my vampire lord Seth Von Koss squared of. Thanks to his Ethereal Amulet, Seth was able to survive for a few rounds. Both characters were down to their last wound when Archaon Seth finally fell. My army was completely destroyed except for one Necromancer, and there wasn't enough time in the final turn for the Blades of Khorne to overcome the difference in victory points.

It was a great game and the Blood Knights certainly contributed to the victory, but I can't help feeling that for the same cost as five Blood Knights, I could have had 10 Black Knights who might have survived longer, and could have been restored by my gravesites and respawned once they were destroyed.

I've been slowly plugging away at the Terrorgheist. His basing are finished and I've got the wing membranes and rib cage halves painted. I'm hoping to have him finished before the end of the year.




I'd also like to get the Warscryer Citadel painted this year too, but I haven't touched it since getting all of its parts primed. I assembled the observatory dome, and went as far as scraping off and replacing the spikes where they flatten out as they get closer to the mold line.



I smoothed out the surface and attached spikes taken from the Chaos spike accessory sprues. I replaced the bolts as well because they were also back-filled and distorted from the molding process.


Once those two projects are finished, I'll start focusing on my Nighthaunt army. I've already got Kurdoss Valentian assembled. I'm not sure if I'll do any conversion work on him though...


The Chainrasp Horde is also underway. The figures have all been assembled with their seams puttied. I also opted for a weapon swap across the unit to replace their clubs, swords, and axes with hand scythes and sickles.


I collected all the unused knives and swords from my parts box and carved each one into more of a "scythe" shape.



Then, I drilled out the weapon handles with a thin drill bit and inserted a length of wire. The wire allows me to bend the handle into the curvy shape of a scythe and then pin the sickle head on the end.


The Necrons and Blood Knights each completed a row on the Bingo card, and that gives me an official, BINGO! I have given in to the reality, however, that I am not going to be able to finish the entire card this year as I had hoped. Painting the contents of an entire board game, a faction starter box, and making a diorama are out of reach at this point. I still might finish some of the other squares, though. We'll see...


'Til next time!


  1. Those hand scythe conversions are great! Much more thematic than a random collection of weapons.


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