Thursday, November 15, 2018

Blood Knights of the Crimson Inferno

The converted Blood Knights are finally finished!


Last time, I covered the conversion of the models. Here's a quick look at some of the painting. For the horses, I painted their skin with a mix of black and GW's Fang grey, with a little P3 Ironhull Grey for the highlights. Then I basecoated the skulls and flames with GW Screaming Skull. The fire was based with yellow and then washed with orange.



Around the edges of the flames, I washed some Army Painter Crusted Sore (similar to the classic GW Scab Red).


Then I cleaned up the flesh and added burn glow around the holes with orange and yellow highlight spots.


I finished up the rest of the horses' equipment. The barding was painted to match the knights' armor. (More on that below, in this shot I've only applied the first layer of Crusted Sore red.)


Then it was just a matter of finishing the bases and attaching the horses.




The shields were painted separately, along with the blade tip of the banner pole.


The knights' armor was painted with Crusted Sore red, and highlighted with a mix of Crusted Sore and P3 Midlund Flesh, and a spot of straight Midlund Flesh on the points and tips of the armor. A very thin glaze of straight red, was applied over the highlights. Brown ink was carefully painted into the recesses to deepen them. Once the plate armor was finished, I picked out all the details like the metal trim, belts, rivets, and skulls.



And here's the completed unit:




The Blood Knights of the Crimson Inferno

Viktor von Harkon was a vampire who served alongside Seth von Koss during Walach's reign over the knightly order of the Blood Dragon. When Blood Keep fell, many of the vampires were slain, but those who survived scattered into the surrounding lands. Viktor spent the following years building his reputation as a feared Vampire Count by cutting a bloody swath through the Old World, but finally met his end in the kingdom of Bretonnia.

When Seth von Koss took command of the
Legion of the Infernal Skull, he dispatched his minions to scour the countryside in search of barrows and tombs that might contain the remains of his fallen brethren. During a campaign into the heart of Bretonnia, Seth unearthed the resting place of Viktor, and reunited him with other fallen knights of the Blood Dragon.

Viktor now commands the
Blood Knights of the Crimson Inferno, an honor-bound brotherhood of martial killers eager to slay any who stand before them.







The banner was colored in Photoshop and each side was printed separately. The two halves were then glued together and cut out. You can see a tutorial for how I make my banners here.










'Til next time!


  1. Absolutely brilliant execution! This is an inspiring project for sure. How is your Mounted force faring in the campaign so far?

    1. Thanks! I was doing pretty well overall. Then I missed a few weeks while I was on vacation and the PTG campaign had crapped out by the time I returned and Kill Team took over. :/

    2. Ah always on to the next ruleset. LOL...I did try the Dragon with 3 small units of cavalry this past weekend with some games.(3rd ed.) It worked pretty well. The dragon causing fear with the cavalry mopping up. Do share some battle reports when you get them back out on the table. ;)

  2. Those came out looking awesome! My favourite bit is the burn glow around the holes in the steeds. I think that's the detail that really sells the flame effect here.

  3. Stupendous! The flames are much better looking that the ethereal green mist. (because fire!) The glowing holes in the horses are great, and the whole unit is amazing.

  4. Terrific job and a truly scary-looking unit! Those horses fit them perfectly and the flames look glorious (as always with your work!).

  5. The flames look so good on them, what a gorgeous unit.


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