Tuesday, April 24, 2018

What's in the Project Queue, April 2018

This week's post is a mixed bag of projects that I'm working on, including the recently finished squad of Space Marine scout snipers:



These are the old metal scouts, and I've had them, half-painted, in my miniatures case for about 15 years. There is a 40K map campaign running at my local shop, so that has motivated me to finish off all the odds and ends I've got for my Black Templars.




The sergeant and missile trooper are converted– I sculpted night vision goggles and rolled up camo cloaks on them to match the rest of the squad. The sergeant's combi-plasma gun has a suppressor modeled onto it, and the missile launcher is from a standard marine.



I need more heavy weapons in the army, so I'm modifying the Land Raider Crusader so I can swap between the hurricane bolters and twin assault cannons or the standard armament. I had built those lascannon mounts as stationary emplacements, so it's a simple matter of popping them off of their bases and replacing the sponson mounts.


The Warscryre Citadel is still underway. I'm working on the layout of its base and adding a few other details, like the rocks from the Terrorgheist kit. Those rocks will create a nice transition from the large rocks to the ground.


The reason I have those rocks to spare is because I'm mounting my Terrorgheist on some Skull Forge Scenics resin walls. I was able to separate his toes from the rocks they were attached to with relatively little work. The only sculpting was to putty over the joins in the feet. With a slight turn of the right leg where it meets the hip, I was able to find a position where his toes and claws looked like they were naturally conforming to the shape of the wall he's standing on. I just need to work out the magnetizing of the wings and the other base details.



And the arms race is officially on– The other Age of Sigmar players at the shop have discovered the value of the Balewind Vortex.


I had already picked one up and was taking my time assembling it because I wanted to model fire over the spiral. Now that it seems like everyone is going to be fielding one, I need to get a move on!


My banshees have also been making steady progress, but I've sort of hit the wall. The gals are converted out of the vampires lounging on the Coven Throne. I've done some sculpting on the dresses and arms to get them out of their sitting poses, and I'm very happy with the results. The heads are where I'm running into trouble. The vampires all have their hair up, but I think banshees look better with long, flowing hair. I've looked through the entire range of GW kits and the witch aelves on the cauldron of blood are the only models I could find with the kind of hair that I need. I'm not sure if I want to buy a $70 kit just to use three heads, however. I'll check out some other model ranges, but off the top of my head, nothing comes to mind.


I've also got some large scenery projects that I'll be posting photos of in the coming weeks. Plenty to keep me busy. And one of these years I'll get back to painting my Hexwraiths... If GW released a Nighthaunt Battletome, that would certainly motivate me!

'Til next time!


  1. That's quite some projects you've got going there. looking forward to seeing the tower finished and moving onto paint and the treat is coming along nicely.
    For the hair have you tied looking round at bitz sellers or ebay for just the heads?

    1. Thanks! Bits sellers on ebay was the first place I looked. There doesn't seem to be much of anything. :(

  2. Scouts look brilliant. Well worth the 15 year wait!

  3. Let's hope GW does NOT publish a nighthaunt battletome, the less aos material, the better

  4. I think that there is a witch elf battleforce that has the cauldron in it, which is much more practical for the cost, and think of all the bitz you will get!

  5. I love those old Jes Goodwin Sniper Scouts so much. I just wish there were a little more variety in the sculpts for the options other than BP/CCW. I've got like 20 of the Snipers at this point, and they get pretty repetitive with only two poses.

    Another thought regarding the Cauldron of Blood: The Bloodwrack Medusa from it also seems to be highly sought after. If you get the Battleforce, and then sell off the Witch Aelves and the Bloodwrack Medusa, that should bring you down to a fairly reasonable price for the heads you want.


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