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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Skull Forge Scenics Update

Since I began my scenery company last year, things have been growing slowly but steadily. My resolution for this year is to produce at least one new item every month, and continue to branch out beyond the "Land of the Dead" range. I always post updates about new kits on my Skull Forge Scenics Facebook page, so be sure to like and follow the page so you don't miss any updates.

I've got a new product for sale in the shop. A pack of tree stumps that are perfect for adding detail to your Sylvaneth or Circle Orboros bases and scenery. They would be great for building cut-down forests The set comes with six tree stumps and two smaller logs, available at: skullforgescenics.etsy.com



Here are a couple pictures of some painted tree stumps, with a skeleton for scale. A "scale-eton!"


This is also the last week the Complete Graveyard will be available at the discounted price of $79. I'll still have it available as a package deal, but as of February 2, 2017 it will be $99 (which is still a $10 savings over buying the components separately), but if you've been holding out, take advantage of this extra savings before it's gone!


Project Log: Morghasts

The bases for the Morghasts are finished. They all rank up nicely and create a neat little graveyard scene, even without the models:



The ruined shrine works out pretty well incorporated into the large base.

Available at skullforgescenics.etsy.com


It will be a relief to finally get the Morghasts off my painting desk. Then I'll only have the Dread Abyssal to finish before I can move on to the Hexwraith cavalry. I'm also hoping that GW will come out with some new models for the much-neglected Death Grand Alliance. We got some very cool stuff during the End Times, but since The Age of Sigmar began, the only attention the Undead have received was the complete dissolution of the Tomb Kings range and some new heroes and unit, made by assembling the parts in an existing kit the "wrong" way. Come on, GW, step it up.

'Til next time!


  1. Those look great! It would be really awesome to see a painting tutorial for each of the scenics you release.

    1. Thanks! I do have a couple tutorials.

      Here's the one for the Meteorites: https://robhawkinshobby.blogspot.com/2016/10/painting-tutorial-meteorites-from-skull.html

      And the graveyard pieces were painted using the same techniques as my Garden of Morr: https://robhawkinshobby.blogspot.com/2014/10/modeling-and-painting-garden-of-morr.html

    2. I don't know why those links aren't clickable. Just cut and paste into the address bar. You can also click the "Skull Forge Scenics" label in the sidebar.

  2. If I can put in my 2 groats worth, the world needs really good fantasy trees Rob!

    1. If I could figure out a way to make cheap and easy trees that retain their leaves, I'd sell 'em. The real trick is to make them cheaper than (but still looking as nice as) the other brands of pre-made trees out there...

  3. The only decent trees I've ever seen are the Games Workshop ones; their leaf system seems to work quite well, though I must admit I've only ever used them as leafless wasteland trees.

    I wish GW would make more generic, useful terrain like that instead of the ridiculously over-the-top stylised stuff.

    Being quite large however, I can understand trees would be tricky for you to produce affordably.

  4. Tree's are nice but what would be good are round sculpted tree bases 25mm, 30mm 50mm that would allow tree stems to be place at centre giving a better look. Trees are cheap enough on Aliexpress but fixing to a base would be easier if they were already about. As for leave falling off, use a strong hairspray as it holds it all together.


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