Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Scenery and Scorpions

Just a quick post this week to look at some of my recent projects:

Ruined Shrine

I was playing around with my Skull Forge Scenic shrines to use as basing elements. This one is a reworked master with unique cracks and damage, and a dirt base with some skulls. It will fit on a 50mm square base or a 60mm round base. Perfect as a perch for a smaller monster or as a basing element on a larger monster base.

You can pick one up for yourself in my shop:






Abandoned Church


I actually finished this a few months ago, and used it in my Age of Sigmar game against Chris Walton's Bloodbound army. It's a repaint of a Protectorate of Menoth chapel I had built for the Terrain Thralls back around 2006:


It was just a matter of repainting the roof and adding a rusted fence along the rooftop. I also built new windows for the top. I painted the Protectorate stained glass windows black, but I didn't have an idea for a new window design, so I just boarded them up with some basswood strips. Someday I'll pop the boards off and make better looking window frames.


The grounds were decorated with tombstones. I flipped some of them around so the backs would be showing to represent blank tombstones waiting to be engraved.


The spot where I removed the Menofix needed to be covered, so I added a metal banner (actually two banners, puttied into a single drapery).


Tomb Scorpion

In the map campaign I'm participating in at the local shop, I had some support for one of my armies, and decided to throw in something that I could get across the board quickly to take care of my opponent's Hell Cannon. Rather than risk failing the roll to summon a new unit, or flying a monster that might get shot down, intercepted, or crippled with wounds before it could get to the cannon, I settled on this little guy.

The scorpion can start underground and can tunnel up in the movement phase. He can emerge within six inches of the enemy, which gives him a good chance of arriving and charging successfully in the same turn, whereas most summoned units need to be nine inches away (a much more difficult charge). When he popped up I decided to capture an objective point instead of charging, but when he eventually got stuck in, he managed to take out the cannon and crew and some Marauders. He's only got three attacks, but each one inflicts up to three wounds, so he can dish out some serious damage.






I made his tail removable so he'll fit more easily in my figure case. I plan to make a little round marker with the scorpion's but emerging from the ground, into which I'll plug the tail. The marker will represent the fact that the scorpion is in the game, and I'll pop the tail out and place it on the model itself when it emerges. That's a project for another day, though...

'Til next time!


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