Saturday, December 31, 2016

Looking Toward 2017

While 2016 may have been a washout for just about everything else in the world, it's actually been pretty good as far as miniatures games go. I've been having a ball, at least.

Display Tables

Fantasy Flight announced its new Runewars miniatures game this year, and I was commissioned to produce some terrain for demo games and photography. I'm really looking forward to see how the game develops.



The Wild West Exodus miniatures game was sold to Wayland Games back in November, so perhaps we will see some new life breathed into the game when they roll out a rules update and second edition in 2017. I had built some game tables for Outlaw miniatures, but I never really got to play the game itself. I hope that the game will get a bigger presence in shops so more players will have a chance to try it out.



Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar received a lukewarm reception in 2015, but the release of the General's Handbook this year has breathed new life into it (some might argue that it saved it from an early grave). My local shop started a map campaign a few months ago. The campaign has invigorated the Age of Sigmar community in my area and has driven me to finish off a handful of languishing projects for my undead army.


One project that still hasn't been finished, however, is the unit of Morghasts. I began work on them back in January, and have been making progress here and there for the whole year. I had hoped to have them finished by now, but other projects have taken priority. I have all the armor primed, sprayed, and ready to finish, along with the wings.



I have removed all of the spectral elements from the wings and resculpted the lower bone tips. The wings are pinned to painting stands, ready to go.



I used ruined shrines, tombstones, and skulls from my Skull Forge Scenics range to spice up the Morghasts' bases.




Now the models, rather than hovering, will perch atop the ruined shrines. The feet are pinned in place and careful positioning was required to make sure the models could rank up without their long halberds clashing with the adjacent figure. (Even though models don't rank up in Age of Sigmar, they still need to fit comfortably side-by-side when piled in for combat, and when displaying them in my cabinet.)




Getting my Dreadfleet set painted was another big project that took nearly the whole year. The ships are immensely complex for a stand-alone board game, but they were still a blast to paint and deserving of plenty of time and attention to detail. The game is a lot of fun, too; it's a shame that it wasn't successful and isn't carried anymore.



Skull Forge Scenics

For me, the highlight of the year has to be the launch of my own scenery company, Skull Forge Scenics. My early products focused on graveyard-themed scenery elements, but I'll be expanding into other genres in the coming year. Here's looking toward a great 2017. Have a Happy New Year, everyone!



'Til next year!


  1. I look forward to see more of your creations over the course of the new year.
    You've been and inspiration, especially when it comes to terrain building.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year, love your fantastic and creative job on terrain elements...

  3. It was great watching your work this year. I look forward to seeing what you get up to in 2017 and to the expansion of your scenery line.


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