Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Dreadfleet: Sea Monsters

The sea monsters are finished! I have yet to play a proper game, but at least I now have enough components painted to accommodate whatever treacherous adversaries the Fate cards reveal.


The Leech Wyrm: Like most of the components in this game, I didn't really find the design interesting until I began painting him. The bone and rotting flesh is a nice, monochromatic palette, and the brownish-purple leeches add a few accents to the model. Now that I think about it, I find the idea of man-sized leeches utterly terrifying.



The Bone Hydra: This guy was a breeze to paint, actually. Drybrushing, washing, and highlighting the bone is second nature to me. Then it was just a matter of picking out the water drips and base. The seaweed was given a simple green basecoat with a very basic overbrushed highlight. Then the water and weeds were all washed with GW Coelia Greenshade. The most time consuming portion was the sail.



The Sea Giant: This is the monster I was most looking forward to painting, with the slimy muck hanging off of him. The detail on his sides is pretty flat, so it needed a lot of fine highlight lines to create the impression of hair. Something I had noticed when I first bought the game is that the sea giant is appropriately proportioned for a conversion with Warhammer models. If I was still building my Zombie Pirate army, I'd be tempted to track down a few more of these giants to use as waterlogged zombies.



If you've been to Gen Con or on the internet, you've probably seen Fantasy Flight's announcement of their new Runewars miniatures game. And if you were at Gen Con you may have seen the demo tables and castle display I built for them. You can check out the Runewars minatures game here, and now that the secret is revealed, I'll be able to show off some photos and work-in-progress pictures of the terrain.

'Til next time!

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