Friday, July 1, 2016

Dreadfleet: The Seadrake

I'm right in the middle of a large terrain commission, so I haven't been able to keep up with the blog or the Dreadfleet project. (I expect to have some pictures of the finished table in the coming months). I have been slowly picking away at my Dreadfleet queue, some water here, a sail there... The Leviathan Island (or as I like to call it, the remains of Morla) is finished at last.





The giant turtle island is the last bit of the Galleon's Graveyard terrain for the game. I also finally crested the halfway mark on the ships, by completing the Seadrake. Only four to go!

I've got a couple of progress shots– The ship's hull was sprayed with a bone color, and the dragons were painted first.  The highlights on were achieved by mixing a little flesh tone into the red.



Then I finished off the hull details and masts. This was the most painstaking one yet, because I had to carefully paint all the gold trim and details without messing up the white hull. The masts were glued in place before attaching the sails, which were painted separately on the sprue. I kind of like this image because it almost looks like the ship could be at port with its sails down. 



Here's the finished Seadrake in all its glory, including a shot of it's back side, which you never see in the books. This is the only whip with a dedicated photogenic side; I had the row of finished ships facing to the left on my shelf but I had to turn them so the Seadrake's "good side" would be visible.






Now that I've got three ships for each side, I'll have to get in a proper game and see how it plays.


'Til next time!


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