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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Korak's Mortis Engine

This week, I finally finished up the Mortis Engine.




I don't usually paint source lighting on my miniatures, but as I was painting the chassis and assembling it, I decided to add some yellow to the green of the spirits where they pass near the flames. I also added a little green hue to the bottom of the bone framework to help to blend the different elements of the model and give it a more unified color scheme, rather than distinct areas of "green" "bone" and "flame."



The corpsemaster can toggle between the "regular" attendant and the wraith Korak the Grim.





Other than repainting my Banshees so they match my new ethereal color scheme, and putting together the remaining wraiths that I have in my parts box, this wraps up the "Spectral" wing of the Legion of the Infernal Skull– all the ethereal elements, led by the Korak. Now to tear them all off their bases and put them on rounds! (No, not really.)


*Edit:  Just remembered that I also have 10 Hexwraiths in a box somewhere. I guess it never ends...


Coming Soon: Skull Forge Scenics Skulls and Walls

The molds are finished for the skulls and I'm finishing up the wall segments. I'll be posting some pictures soon and hope to have them up for sale by the end of the month (hopefully sooner), but here's a peek at the skulls as I've incorporated them into the end posts for the walls:



'Til next time!


  1. Looks great!

    Thank goodness you're not really putting it all on round bases. There is enough of that going around already.

  2. Awesome Mortis!
    Agree on round stuff nonsense. Have You tried 9th Age perhaps?

  3. That looks unexpectedly colourful for an undead warmachine. But in a very good way.
    It looks fantastic, well done.

  4. Oh my goodness that is sensational.

  5. Thanks, everyone! I haven't played 9th age (or anything) in months.

    Painting this thing was a beast. It assembles just fine, but the elements are all so disparate that it feels like it doesn't "match" anything, (even itself) so painting it is a nightmare.

    Oh god, I just remembered I still have 10 Hexwraiths to paint...

    1. I suspect the colour would all tie in more coherently if you went for some sort of magical ghostly flame colour on the torches - something closer to the ghosts around it. That said, I think you needed to do it this way to work in with all the flame in the rest of your army, and I think it really pops. Even if it was not fun to get to that point.

    2. War... War never ends... ;)

    3. War... War never ends... ;)


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