Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dreadfleet: Islands and Bases

For of you who haven't been keeping track, my friend Chris Walton has challenged me to finish my Dreadfleet models before he finishes his Deathwatch: Overkill boxed set. Chris has started his own hobby blog, where you can follow his progress on the Overkill models (and I'm sure he'll post plenty of pictures of the other projects he's working on). Check it out:


I've really been dragging my feet on the Dreadfleet challenge.


I've really been dragging my feet on the Dreadfleet challenge, but I've finally gotten through the bases.



They went about as quickly as I had hoped, painted in an afternoon. The bases were coated with Formula P3 Exile Blue and then drybrushed up with the P3 colors Cygnar Blue Base, Cygnar Blue Highlight, Meredius Blue, Arcane Blue, and then some Arcane Blue and Morrow White for the highlights. The green areas were given a glaze using a blend of Thrall Flesh and Gnarls Green, and some straight Thrall Flesh for the highllights on the wave crests. It was all washed with GW Coelia Greenshade and the floating bits were picked out. The final step was to paint straight Exile Blue on the edges.


Only the base for the Skaven vessel Skabrus remains. It's got the interior guts of the giant fish carcass that the ratmen are using as a boat. There's also a trail of chum in the water behind it that will need to be picked out with greens and reds.


The Islands are coming along, as well. All of the rocks are finished and now it's a matter of going through and picking out all of the ship wreckage and water.


A few of the islands are finished–


Corpseface Cliff:


Castle Island:


And the appropriately named Skull Island:


'Til next time!


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