Friday, March 25, 2016

Dreadfleet: Black Kraken and Grimnir's Thunder

The first two ships are finished– the Black Kraken and Grimnir's Thunder. I painted the ships on their sprues, trimmed down so they were only attached by the bottom. This allowed me to sufficiently clean the mold lines (the lion' share of which were on the Kraken's tentacles). There is a lot of interior detail that's still visible, but would be difficult to reach once assembled.



I didn't deviate much from the basic color scheme. In the book the ship has green accents, but I went with Fang Grey. The rest is just silver and gold. Considering how simple the color scheme was, it certainly took a long time to paint. The detail on these models is so tiny and so tight it needs to be given the same level of attention a regular model would receive. All those cannon hatches needed to be picked out in gold, and then the silver of the cannons poking out, then all of the silver accents washed with brown ink.




The Black Kraken was a little easier to paint, since it's mostly tentacles. The color on the hull is Formula P3 Coal Black. GW Coelia Greenshade was washed over the hull and gold bits to give everything a blue-green hue.





I also painted the treasure tokens. So, I have enough to "officially" play a small game with two enemy ships going head-to-head. It's been over a year since I read through the rules, so I'll have to sit down and muddle through it to see how the game works. It looked interesting when I read it, but it seems like there are a lot of random events to keep track of throughout the game like damage effects, fate cards that get drawn every turn, shifting wind, etc. I suspect this will be one of those games where you forget to do half of the things you're supposed to do every turn. We'll see how it goes.


'Til next time!


  1. Outstanding! I love reading about such thorough forrays into a relatively limited, "tangent" project such as Dreadfleet as opposed to the endless expansions of more mainline games (although I appreciate those as well).

    I look forward to more, in particular how you enjoy some games. Happy Easter!

  2. Thanks, guys! It's a fun change from skeletons, rats, and tombstones!

  3. As expected, great work on these. The hull of the black kracken is quite good.

    It would be nice if GW would do an "Evil steampunk" faction for AoS, possibly with a Babylonian theme...

    1. Thanks! There's a little steampunk in everything: Empire, Dwarf, Skaven. I'm looking forward to GW doing AoS models that fit in with those existing armies and seeing how things match up. Maybe they'll be more steam-punky or tech-oriented, the way the newest Dwarf gyrocopters are very modern-looking.

  4. You might enjoy my recent battle report Rob: http://www.orderofgamers.com/dreadfleet-battle-report-part-1/

    Lovely painting job!


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