Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stormfiend Melee Team

It is accomplished! The remaining Stormfiends and parts for the melee gauntlet conversions are finished. With all the models finally painted, the six 'Fiends can be fielded as a unit of five, geared for tunneling and melee; a unit of four, armed with rattling cannons; or two units of three, one with ranged weapons and the other with melee weapons.


The new models are equipped with warp-laced armor and the gauntlets are magnetized so I can swap out the doom-flayer gauntlets and replace them with shock gauntlets. My initial impression was that the doom-flayers are the better option, but I'll have to try them out in an actual game. (Assuming I ever get to play Warhammer again.)



You may recognize these models as the rattling cannon pose. I had converted them with extra armor bits to represent the warpstone-laced armor and custom doom-flayer gauntlets.




The parts are magnetized so I can swap back and forth between the two options.


It's been a long road to get these guys finished. To see the entire saga of converting the Stormfiends, either click the 'Stormfiends' label in the sidebar, or you can jump to a specific post using the links below.

'Til next time!

Part 1: The Stormfiends Have Arrived– A review of the model kits and planning out the conversions.

Part 2: Armoring Up– Sculpting the fur and arms, converting the armor and magnetizing it.

Part 3: Making More Gauntlets– Magnetizing the weapon options and scratch building more doom-flayer gauntlets.

Part 4: Rattling Cannons– Swappoing the arms, building the grinderfists, and scratch building new rattling cannons.

Stormfiend Rattling Cannon Team– Check out the finished rattling cannon and grinderfist models.


  1. Those are looking ace definitely worth all the effort. Nice one.

  2. Those are looking ace definitely worth all the effort. Nice one.

  3. But... but... how did you paint them? What's the recipie for that excellent dirty brass armour look?

    1. Thanks guys! The painting is essentially metal with a brown wash and some splattered brown ink to achieve the speckled effect. I talked about the specific colors a little in my Doom Wheel speed build post: http://robhawkinshobby.blogspot.com/2012/06/fast-as-lightning.html