Friday, October 9, 2015

All The Skaven I Can Eat

"And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer." –Hans Gruber, Die Hard


With the completion of the Stormfiends, my Skaven queue is finally clear! There are still more models, of course– I have 100 Skavenslaves and two rat ogres from the Island of Blood set, and a bunch of plague monks to convert into censor bearers. I had been debating over whether to buy the new Thanquol and Boneripper since I don't use special characters very often. I've come to the conclusion that if I make Thanquol removable, Boneripper himself can be fielded as a second Hell Pit Abomination. I should probably grab a kit off the shelf while there's still a good chance that it will contain a square base.


I've compiled the photos from the older posts into my updated Skaven gallery, so they can all be viewed in one place. Click the SKAVEN tab under the header bar above to check out the gallery. I've also color-corrected some of the images. The poisoned wind globadier photos, for example, had always been too orange. All the shots should now be (mostly) consistent:


Original Theatrical Release
Special Edition


I've painted the Pestilens models with a unique color scheme so they stand apart as their own force. The Lightning Engineer Cult has been joined by the Conclave of Corruption, led by Lord Skabsis. I've made an alternate "plague" banner for my Stormvermin unit, for when the Conclave hires their services and, once I get to those Skavenslaves mentioned above, I'll have enough core units to field a "legal" Pestilens-themed army.



But those other Skaven projects will have to wait a while. For now, the rats are in the can (technically, the display cabinet). For October, I'm moving on to my Vampire Counts. I hope to have some spooktacular projects to post later this month!

Outlaw Miniatures has also sent me these awesome Wild West Exodus goodies. (Thanks, Romeo!) The plastic models in the starter box are really nice, and I'm looking forward to building them. (I'll have to make some WWX terrain for myself one of these days so I have a place to play!)






'Til next time!


  1. That is an amazingly impressive horde of Skaven! It's a great paint scheme, and I really like your "key" for keeping track of what's in the army!

  2. That's an impressive horde of Skaven. Looks great when you get them all in one picture like that.

  3. Really Great Job ! The Pestilens theme is awesome ! I have a question about the new AoS Plague Monks package. What is the new base size 25 or 32 ? You prefer keep the square bases ?

    1. Thanks, Benou! I can't tell from the GW site which bases the Plague Monks come with. It looks like it might be a 32mm. The Plague Priest Lord Skrolk's description says it comes with a 32mm, so that's probably the case with the monks.

      It's not a matter of *preferring* to keep the square bases, it's that I (and others) have invested decades of work into our armies, have troops on regimental strips, nicely built up scenic bases, and the idea of breaking all that to replace the bases (of literally 400 models in the case of my Skaven) is simply out of the question. So if I continue adding to my armies, I need squares so the basing scheme matches.