Tuesday, September 15, 2015

WWX Terrain: Mine Building and Forest

For this week's post, I'm showing off the surface details of the mining table Outlaw Miniatures commissioned me to build for their Wild West Exodus game. The top board lifts off to reveal the network of mine tunnels below. To see the mine tunnels, check out last week's post here.



The board was first textured with sand and rocks, then painted and covered with flock and static grass. 



Around the board are several hatches, which are positioned above the ladders in the mine tunnels. The ladders allow models to move between the upper and lower levels. I used styrene tubes, drilled into the board, to create plug holes for the trees.



The trees are a mix of pre-made pine trees and Woodland Scenics plastic tree armatures covered with foliage clusters.



Each tree has a peg on the bottom that fits into the holes, and they are all magnetized so the trees can be removed.



I made a corresponding number of tree stumps as well. The stumps are made from styrene tubing, with Liquid Nails spread on the exterior to create the bark texture. The tops are filled with wood filler putty.



The stumps can be inserted in place of the trees for areas of cut-down trees.



The entire forest can be clear-cut if desired, and a handful of trees are fallen trees.



The cover board, when removed from the mine, can be used as a separate battlefield.



Work in the mine is overseen from this mining building– A ramshackle, dilapidated structure with a few tech upgrades.



The building lifts off for storage and transport, and is held in place by magnets.



Stairs lead down to the lower level. The railing is strategically "broken" so that it doesn't break the plane of the upper level (for storage purposes).



And the tower provides a vantage point over the battlefield.



I didn't take any progress photos of the mine building's construction, but if you'd like to see how I make these Old West buildings, check out my post: More Wild West Exodus Buildings.



'Til next time!


  1. Again, most entirely wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amazing. The detail of the tree stumps is awesome.

  3. Amazing piece of terrain. Glad i did not miss that.

  4. Most inspiring work! Please keep 'em, coming!!!

  5. Rob, You are builder-extraordinare. Always pleasure to see your works and I learn a lot from them:)