Friday, September 18, 2015

WWX Terrain: Industrial Complex

The second table I made for Outlaw Miniatures is this industrial complex, a processing center for RJ-1027 the compound that powers much of the Wild West Exodus technology.



The structures are all separate elements, and I'll show them off in more detail next week. The table base is a 4'x4' frame, with a stretch of railroad tracks and a platform that can hold the train station I had built in the initial batch of WWX terrain, which you can see in my Wild West Exodus Terrain Gallery.



The table was textured with sand and flock, with a few scrap piles scattered around. The model railroad tracks are the same as the ones from the mining tunnels. Envirotex Lite epoxy was used to create some pools of oil and toxic runoff. The bare table allows Outlaw Miniatures to set up the complex in different configurations or incorporate other buildings to create a town around the facility.



The industrial buildings create a multi-level gaming environment with modular walkways leading between the different structures.



A few smaller elements were created using some of the resin components Outlaw Miniatures had sent– A pile of damaged and leaking RJ-1027 canisters...



...and these two different scrap metal "hills." This was a good use of all the random off-cuts in my scrap box, combined with some of the wheels, bikes, and resin obstacles. Don't climb on these unless you've had your tetanus shots!



I'll close out with some top-down shots of the table and a look at the different walkways that weave around the complex. As I said, I'll get into the construction of the buildings a little more next week.  For now, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.



'Til next time!


  1. It looks great, as per usual :)

    Those Yakult bottles really do come in handy for terrain/kitbashing uses don't they!

  2. Realistic and beautiful, excellent job, love the rust efffects...

  3. Amazing again Sir! I'm looking at it, but can't believe it... Just Amazing.

  4. Unbelievable. What gauge of track did you use?

    1. Thanks Jason! The little tracks for the mine cars are 3/4" wide, which I believe is OO scale. The larger train tracks are scratch-built, so don't conform to any standard gauge. They are about 2" wide.