Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What's in the Project Queue? (Sept 2015)

I've been chipping away at a terrain commission for the past couple months. I haven't been authorized to post any photos of the terrain yet, so I can only say that it's for a system I've built terrain for already, and it's pretty cool.

But that means that I haven't had time to work on any personal projects recently. So, in an effort to avoid neglecting my blog for yet another week, I decided to take stock of my project queue and show off what's in the pipe. So, without further ado, I present...

The List of Things I Will Never Get To

The Final Stormfiends

These guys are so close to being finished I can almost taste it. Or maybe that's the paint and glue fumes in the air. A few bits of skin and fur, then their armor and some final details are all that remains.



And once they're finished there's still the pile of magnetized weapon options to finish.



The Rattling Cannon Stormfiends have been doing so well, however, that I don't have much incentive to finish the melee 'Fiends. In retrospect, I probably could have built these guys without all the different options. Optimal load-out indeed! The campaign has pretty much stalled anyway, so the Skaven are going to be relegated to the back burner in favor of the Undead. Still, my Skaven army is the only one without any unfinished projects, so I'll need to finish those models before I shelve them.

Two More Rat Ogres

It never ends. These guys will round out my Rat Ogres to an even 10. I'm considering a conversion using the leftover arm from the Hell Pit Abomination, to create a more Pestilens-themed creature. The gang has been talking about Mordheim, so I may start a Clan Pestilens warband, and that will give me an excuse to work on these.



The Last Five Terminators

I've been trying to finish one of these every month for 2015. After getting ahead for a little while, I'm back to lagging a month behind with this project. I had hoped to squeeze in the Genestealers sometime this year, but I think I'll be lucky to finish the marines.



Corpse Cart

Long-time readers may remember this from the Shelf of Shame post two years ago. Aside from the Terrorgheist, I don't think I've put together any of the new units introduced in the 8th Edition Vampire Counts book (Hexwraiths, Vargheists, Crypt horrors, Mortis Engine, Coven Throne). I've got all the kits languishing in my to-do pile, but before I get to any of those I need to get this thing off my painting table. Seriously, it's been over five years. At least I've given the zombies an ink wash since last time. Now that's what I call progress!





It's been almost a year since I started this project. But he's a huge kit, and I'm converting the hell out of it, so I can't blame myself for taking so long. Still, when an epic campaign begins and ends resulting in the entire game system getting shitcanned before I can even finish the model, it's time to reevaluate how long I let my projects sit unfinished. Nagash is getting bumped to the top of the list so I can (hopefully) finish him for October.



Necrotic Colossus

And the "I'm never going to build you" award goes to the Warhammer Giant! I had a great idea for converting this model into a Colossus to accompany Tomb Prince Selketta (with a backstory explaining how the Khemrian spirit was bound to the corpse of an Empire giant) but now that the entire state of Warhammer is in flux, the enthusiasm for this project has been killed.


Are we going to use 8th Edition? The 9th Age? Kings of War?  Are the Undead Legions carrying over into the 9th Age? Will the Kings of War army lists have undead giants? If we use the Age of Sigmar rules, I guess I can still field him with my undead. I'm glad I wasn't planning to arm him with a great bow, as that option is gone in the new age. I guess we'll see how things pan out, but for now it's back in the box for another year.



'Til next time!

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  1. Haha - I love your analysis of how long it has taken to work on Nagash.

    I've recently been looking at the newer Warhammer Fantasy models for use with Kings of War (and by "newer" I mean, things that were released since late-5th/early-6th edition WFB). I really like your idea of making the options swappable on the Stormfiends!