Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Conan Terrain: Jungle Temple

This is the second table I made for the Conan: Rise of Monsters miniatures game, by Pulposaurus Entertainment. It's based on the Abyss of Kun Whu concept art. I took those designs and incorporated them into this demo board, featuring a large skull carved over the entryway to a ruined temple.



The rocky hillside was carved out of insulation foam, with wood filler covering some of the gaps. The skull is a plastic Halloween skull from the craft store, and the carved pillars and walls are made from layers of 1/4-inch Cellfoam sheets.



These sheets were carved and glued to the table. Everything was covered with sand and talus stones. The exposed foam was painted with wood glue and black latex paint for durability.



Around the perimeter of the ruins are rickety wooden walkways. These were made from bass wood. I kept them separate for painting, along with a few of the fallen pillars.



These skeletons are the ones that became my Undead Legions Red Rain skeleton archers.



Here's a shot of the table with the painting finished, before I added the flock, static grass, and jungle plants:



The jungle plants are a mix of aquarium plants, with plastic and fabric floral arrangement leaves.



Small resin skulls were added into all the recesses of the architecture. I used Envirotex Lite Pour-On two-part epoxy resin, which was poured into recesses in the ground to create pools of water.



You can see the board in action and check out the game itself in Pulposaurus' CROM gameplay videos:



And check out the Conan: Rise of Monsters Facebook page for updates on the upcoming game.



'Til next time!


  1. Hello.
    Fantastic! Beautiful work, congratulations!

  2. I'm very impressed by the stone panels to either side of the gate and paving the approaches - they're really well-rendered. The groundwork and plants make for a brilliant finish. Excellent work!.

  3. Beautiful, another wonderful board. What did you carve the panels with? It's very fine work. The ponds look great, Envirotex Lite is the best water effects I've come across, no shrinkage, marvellous stuff.

  4. What more can I add? This is breathtaking, very characterful.

  5. Superb.

    And thank you for including the work-in-progress shots although I doubt anyone could model their gaming board as well.

    Great terrain - keep up the good work.


  6. Thanks for the comments everyone! @David Stafford, the Cellfoam panels were carved by cutting around the recessed areas with a hobby knife and pressing them in with a burnishing tool. The the thin lines were done with a pencil point. They are fairly soft, so I could basically "draw" on them, pressing into the foam.

    1. Pressing them in... ah, that's the trick to it then. Great, thanks for that Rob.

  7. I'm presuming the trees used the floral arrangement leaves. What were the trunks made out of? They look, perhaps, to have been wrapped with masking tape? If that is tape, what did you make the underlying structure out of? Thanks in advance for your response!

    1. Yes, the surface of the trunks are wrapped with masking tape, and the core is made from a bundle of thick floral wire.

  8. That is a fantastic build, well done!

  9. That is a fantastic build, well done!

  10. Great gaming board. Really inspiring.