Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Brother Leon, Space Hulk Terminator

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The next Space Hulk Terminator is finished. This one probably required the least amount of resculpting. It's mostly replacing the little blood drops with skulls. The medallions and hanging icons needed the most work. Those were replaced with a metal Inquisitor bit and a plastic terminator crux.



So, I present: Brother Leon!


Next up, is Brother Deino. I threw the C.A.T. in with him, so I'll knock that out too.


Something else I'm considering is the Terminator Librarian, since I'm bound to draw him at some point. I obviously can't paint him in Black Templar Colors, so I'm going with the Templars' father chapter, the Imperial Fists. The question is: Should I paint his armor blue with yellow "chapter" shoulder pads, or would it be appropriate to paint his armor all yellow? Do librarians always have blue armor?

'Til next time!


  1. Wonderful pint job and great results from minor conversions, keep up the good work

  2. All blue for librarians is codex standard,

    Maybe go with a chaplain instead to keep the Black Templars feel? Librarians being witches and all...

    1. Well, it needs to be a Librarian for the Space Hulk game (uses psychic abilities and such). Templars don't use Librarians, so I'm thinking it's teamed up with them for the mission from another chapter. I mean, Templars don't suffer witches, but they wouldn't shoot fellow marine Librarians on sight, right?

    2. Ah, I was not sure if the game had psychic abilities or just enhanced stats... given that you need a psyker, then yes, one from another chapter would probably be the best choice.

      (although obviously a blood angel one would be easiest!)

  3. Not all librarians wear blue armour. There have been a number of examples of librarians in standard chapter colours in White Dwarf over the years. They tend to have a blue shoulder pad or arm.

    I think an Imperial Fist librarian is the logical choice. Templars would respect a marine from their progenitor chapter even if he was a psyker.