Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brother Deino, Space Hulk Terminator

This guy officially puts me back on track to finish one of these per month. Brother Deino and the C.A.T. officially mark the halfway point through the Space Hulk Terminators.



There's not a whole lot of resculpting on Deino. Most of it went into the robe. There was a little stress damage (you can see it in the photo above) and I cut away some of the fill behind the bullets on his belt. I didn't bother trying to sculpt crosses behind the skull and laurel, opting to paint the cross instead.


Something I'm noticing on these terminators is that, since they are mostly a single-piece body, there are some areas where the detail stretches or flattens out to avoid undercuts in the plastic mold. These are mostly under the arms and between the legs. On Deino, I extended the fold of his robe in the back to cover the flattened-out leg detail. The edging on the bottom of the grieves also changes depending on the angle of the leg. On a few of these I've had to thicken up the edging to match the opposite side where it was stretched to accommodate the mold. (It was easier to add material to the thinner side to match the thickness of the other edging, rather than carve down the plastic to match the "correct" side.)


I added a banner for his name on the power fist. I like the idea of keeping track of who is who, even though the game scenarios just identify the marines as "terminator with storm bolter and power fist." I think after all is said and done, Claudio will be the only one without a name plate. But he's easy to remember. "Claw-dio." Because he's got lightning claws! Get it?! I'll be here all week, don't forget to tip your servitors.



The C.A.T. (Cyber-Altered Task unit) was a fun little bit to work on. If you're unfamiliar with Space Hulk, it rolls around in one of the scenarios and needs to be retrieved by the marines.


Reaching into the bag for next month's Terminator... and it's Brother Omnio! I can't believe I haven't drawn either of the sergeants yet. Maybe I'll have to paint one of them anyway so I can at least play the game, considering the scenarios require at least one (if not both) of the sergeants.


'Til next time!

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  1. They are coming on a 'storm'. See what I did there.

    Seriously they are looking great!