Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Real Skweel

I took a break from the undead to knock out Skweel Gnawtooth. I converted my own version of the character a while back, which you can see here, but Andreas Massonne as kind enough to send me the actual Skweel model. It's been in my project queue for a about a year, so it's nice to finally finish him. Now I have one in my Clan Skryre colors and one in Clan Pestilens colors.



The only thing I changed on the model was the warp lash. The original whip had a bend to it that i didn't really care for. It was just a weird pose, so I clipped out the middle section and replaced it with a length of floral wire.


I played with the angle of the whip a little and when I was satisfied I drilled out the hand and the lash to pin the whip in place.


Here are the detail insets, a little larger and uncropped:



'Til next time!


  1. CHanging the wip is a great touch as it realy looks like it's moving. Nicely Done

  2. Always happy to help, your projects bring a smile to my old leadhead self everytime :)

    regards Andreas

  3. Yeah, the extension adds some movement and character. Nice job.


  4. Wow, love it, the mod just brings it to life.