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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Converting Tomb Prince Selketta

Along with the skeleton archers, I'm adding a tomb prince to my Undead Legion. Prince Selketta is converted from the Tomb Herald model. I'm working on two versions of the character, one for use in a Tomb Kings themed force, and one to accompany my Vampire Counts army.

First, I removed the head, sword and banner pole. Then, I touched up the leg grieve and extended the cape with modeling putty. The collar also needed to be resculpted.

I wanted to build a unique head, so I combined a plastic skeleton chariot head with a metal Blood Bowl Khemri team head.

The result was a helmeted head with a scorpion motif. The tail and stinger of the scorpion are made from the tip of a skeleton bow and part of a skeleton horse tail.

I was pretty happy with the head, but it seemed a little out of place for the aesthetic I was going for, so I set them aside and went with a more traditional head using the same chariot skeleton and the heavily modified top of a Grave Guard helmet. The final touch was an Egyptian beard, sculpted over a piece of thin wire. I'll save the scorpion helmets for the Khemri version of Selketta.

The sword is from the plastic Wight King, and the little skulls on the shoulder are from a Khemri banner.

The new scabbard is from the classic metal Black Knight. And the fur collar on the cloak ties it all together with my Vampires. One of the final changes was to replace the left arm with a pointing hand. I couldn't decide on the style of shield to give Selketta, and it seemed kind of pointless anyway, since Tomb Princes only have light armor anyway, an extra +1 isn't going to help protect him against anything that can reliably kill characters. The pointing arm also works better with my intentions, since the tomb prince can confer his fighting ability on any unit he joins.

Now back to painting those skeleton archers.

'Til next time!


  1. That looks great!
    Very inspiring!
    I am now gathering some spare parts to gige a try to re-animate old skeleton standard bearer, based on your bowmen (eee... bow-skeletons) from the previous post.

  2. So good! I like how you document every single step of such a conversion project! The result is stunning!

    Thank you for posting :)

  3. Thanks! Projects that I don't start with the intention of making a tutorial usually get glossed over during the final steps as I take fewer and fewer pictures in a rush (or on a roll) to get it finished. I missed a shot of the sculpted collar before the head went on and the pointing arm assembly.


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