Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Iron Kingdoms RPG Conversions (Ogrun)

The Reports of my Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The run up to convention season is always busy. I have been spending so much time hunched over my work table that I haven't had time to write about anything. I'll be making up for it in the coming weeks with some really cool terrain to show you. My goal is to hit 50 posts each year, so I'll have to sneak in some semiweekly posts to make up for the missed weeks.

In addition to the new terrain, I'll have some other things I've been meaning to share, such as what I listen to while I work, and reviews of some different washes I've tried in my never-ending search for a classic GW Brown Ink replacement. And my Terrorgheist is still eying me angrily from its perch on the work-in-progress shelf...

First, I want to show off some conversions that I did for No Quarter Magazine #49. Now that it's finally in stores (and I have a moment to breathe), I can put up the pictures. Check out the magazine for the full step-by-step tutorials.

Ogrun Intellectual Bounty Hunter/ Ranger

The term "intellectual bounty hunter" always makes me chuckle; I picture Dengar in a smoking jacket with a masters degree framed on the wall behind him. Gudrun has the appearance of a ranger, and with some spare parts he fits the bounty hunter bill quite nicely. A little sculpting was necessary to transform his chain mail tunic into a jeather jerkin, but the rest of the conversion utilizes simple weapon swaps.

Parts List:

Gudrun the Wanderer

Trollkin Mercs Trooper #1 Axe Haft

Revenant Crew Pirate Arms/ Cutlass

Yuri the Axe Traps

Yuri the Axe Axe

Ogrun Skilled Pistoleer/ Soldier

The Ogrun Bokur makes the perfect model for a soldier. I imagine this guy fighting alongside Cygnaran Trenchers to earn a living. On the weekend he meets up with his buddies in town to haggle over the price of magic bullets, monocles, and +1 broadswords. Then, if there's still time before the session ends for the night, they might take on a quest.

Parts List:

x2 Farrow Brigands Right Arm/ Pig Iron #2

Okoru Hargrosh Right Arm/ Pistol

Bokur Body

Ogrun Assault Corps Head (Monocle)

Ogrun Assault Corps #3 Arm

Bokur Shoulder Pad Sprue

Ogrun Mighty Labor Korune/ Field Mechanik

This turned out to be my favorite of the bunch. Very minimal sculpting on this guy, just mixing and matching a lot of different parts to create something new, which is what I love most about conversions.

Parts List:

Ogrun Assault Corps#2 Body

Ogrun Assault Corps #2 Axe

Ogrun Assault Corps Head (Goggles On)

Ogrun Assault Corps #2 Gun

Road Hog Backpack

Thunderhead Tube #2

Man-O-War Kovnik Axe Cannon

Battle Mechanik Officer Tools

Battle Mechanik Officer Left Arm

'Til next time!


  1. Great conversions! I like these a lot

  2. Love these. You've taken some already great models, and made them originals.