Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Modeling the Terrorgheist's Base: Part 3

This project has been moving at a fairly decent pace. As of writing this, the model is sitting on my table, waiting to be painted. This week, I'll go over the final details that were added to finish off the base.

Bones and Stones

I finished up last week by puttying the barrow mound. Once the putty was cured, I added the tombstones, skulls and risen skeletons.

The tombstones are a combination of classic metal parts, and the plastic stones from the old skeleton kit, cut into unique shapes and detailed with shield icons and little skulls cut from a Tomb Kings banner. The small crosses are made from the intersection on a plastic sprue.

The skeletons are a combination of new and old plastic kits, cut up and posed to appear as though they're pulling themselves out of their shallow graves.

The tombstone on the plug serves as the "handle" for pulling it out of its recess, and adds some extra detail when Marduk is not on board.

Final Putty Work

With the skeletons in place, I built up the ground around them with more Aves Apoxie® Sculpt. The guy on the right also had the top of his skull replaced where the helmet had been cut away.

The skeleton in the crypt is pushing his hand against the ground, so I needed to press it into some putty, textured to match the ground.

Adding the Sand

The final step was to add the sand. I used a combination of fine ballast, with some talus rocks and larger ballast for variety and to blend the transition from the large stones into the earth.

The final model, broken into its individual parts for painting:

And, here's how it will look once assembled, albeit much less grey:

Marduk the Ghoul King fits nicely in his spot on the base, sort of mirroring the pose of the Terrorgheist:

That's all for now. Somebody's got a date with a can of black spray paint.  If you'd like a peek at how this will be painted, check out my tutorial Modeling & Painting: Graveyard Bases.  The Terrorgheist's base will painted with the same process and color palette shown there.

'Til next time!


  1. Really narrative scene and sets off the 'Geists huge stature. Great work on this build Rob!

  2. Very nice work, looking great!!

  3. Can't wait to see this with some paint on it. Really like those sprue crosses!


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