Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Modeling the Terrorgheist's Base: Part 2

Magnetizing Marduk

The rare earth magnets I used are 1/8" diameter by 3/36" thick, the perfect height to fit under a 20mm GW base. I began by drilling into the center of the recess on the Terrorgheist's base, and gluing the magnet in place. Then I added the corresponding magnet on the insert.

To make sure there was no exposed foam, I coated the interior sides with a thin layer of Aves Apoxie® Sculpt.

Before adding the magnet to Marduk's base, I finished off the rest of the base sculpting and let it all dry (more on that in the following section).

To accurately position the magnet on Marduk's base, I placed the magnet on top of the one in the recess.

On the underside of Marduk's base, I added a blob of modeling putty ("brown stuff" in this case). I pressed a small hole in the center so it could mold around the magnet without having to press very hard.

I put a little Chapstik on the magnet so it wouldn't stick to the putty. Then, I fit Marduk's base into the recess...

...leaving the putty with a depression at the correct position and depth for the magnet.

Once the putty dried, the magnet was glued in place.

Modeling the Barrow Mound

As mentioned above, Aves Apoxie Sculpt was used to smooth over the surfaces, cover the pink foam, and build up the burial mound.

It was a simple matter of rolling out the putty over the seams and smoothing it out with a sculpting tool.

It doesn't need to be very smooth because it will be covered with sand.

The small recessed "shelves" in the front are for rows of skulls, which would have been buried encircling the main crypt, and are now partially exposed.

Next up, I'll be adding the skulls, skeletons and other tombstones.

'Til next time!


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  2. Waiting for another work in progress pictures...
    Coloured Dust

  3. Looking great so far, I like your solution to adding the ghoul king option.