Sunday, December 9, 2012

Space Marine Rhino

I'm taking a quick break from the terrain grind to show off some more Black Templars. This is a Rhino that I converted to have working hatches and a fully detailed interior. If you were reading White Dwarf in '03 or '04, you may have seen this along with a brief tutorial. 

The front plate, and hatches are all Forge World parts.

I had to cut away the emblem on the rear hatch and affix it to the plastic door, which had a better fit on the plastic kit.

The inner hatches on the sides were cut away to provide a better view of the interior. Inside, I added a shrine, and some ammo crates.

The door leading up to the cockpit was also removed.

The handles on the top hatch are metal wire, pinned in place, and are there mainly to make it easier to get the top open.

The hinges were created with a "U" shaped piece of brass wire that pins into the side of the vehicle. Some of the frame around the hinge needed to be shaved down to allow the door to swing freely. At the top of each door are two pins that plug into the door and hold it closed.

The 'dozer blade is removable, and I modeled a winch from some metal rod, thread, and a search light for the motor. The hook is from one of the Kroot Warrior accessories.

The front plate opens, and the pilots are modeled from attack bike sidecar gunners.

The cockpit itself is detailed with textured styrene card and parts from Space Marine bikes and land speeders.

I still don't know how they fit 10 Space Marines in there...

'Til next time!


  1. I always loved that conversion. I was just looking at that WD recently. Its awesome to see a more in depth look at the model. Fantastic.

  2. Looks great. I'd love to see a fire extinguisher and/or a medi pack in that cockpit, just that little extra detail for those paying attention.

    Top job none the less.