Sunday, December 2, 2012

Iron Kingdoms RPG Conversions (Mechaniks)

No Quarter Magazine #45 came out this week, and has the second in a series of articles about converting Warmachine and Hordes models into Iron Kingdoms RPG characters. 

This time, it's variations on the mechanik character class. Check out No Quarter for the step by step tutorials. Here's how the finished models turned out:

Trollkin Field Mechanik/ Soldier

Bull, from the Mercenary pair Dannon Blythe & Bull is a great model for conversion because both of his arm joins are right at the sleeve, making arm swaps a breeze. The Khadoran Battle Mechanik Officer has some great bits, which I've used in almost all of these conversions.

Parts List:

Bull Body 

Trollkin Scout w/ Hood Axe Arm 

Trollkin Scout Leader Left Arm

Battle Mechanik Officer Left Arm 

2010 Butcher Gun

Vassal Mechanik Pack 

Battle Mechanik Officer Tools & Head

Human Arcane Mechanik/ Priest

This guy was really challenging. I think I tried every Flameguard Cleanser model before settling on the unit attachment officer. I also wasn't sure if I could pull off the "arcane" theme without him looking like just another Cygnar model or a Protectorate priest, but I think the parts and color scheme go a long way to distinguishing him as part of a unique sect. Of all the conversions I've ever done, this is one of my favorites.

Parts List:

Flameguard Cleanser Officer Body 

Battle Mechanik Officer Tools & Head

Flameguard Cleanser Officer Head

General Adept Nemo Right Arm 

General Adept Nemo Staff 

Captain Arlan Strangewayes Wrench 

General Adept Nemo Boiler 

Exemplar Errants Scabbard 

Thunderhead Tube #2

Mechanik's Steamjack

And since mechaniks can be accompanied by steamjacks, here's a conversion of a patchwork 'jack. I think the the Cygnar Grenadier head matches the Buccaneer torso perfectly, and maybe even looks better than its original head.

Parts List:

Buccaneer Torso 

Grenadier Head 

Reckoner Right Leg 

Reckoner Left Leg 

Lancer Right Arm/ War Spear 

Vanguard Left Arm 

Reckoner Condemner Shield

Vassal Mechanik Pack

'Til next time!


  1. Excellent work on everything. I am not too sure about the painting on the 'jack. Excelletnly executed but I am nit sure if the patchwork colours really work. It breaks the shape up too much for my taste!

  2. Holy cow - bits from 4-6 kits in each mini. No wonder PP doesn't want to make specialized minis for the line! They'll clean up.

    They look fantastic though - and I love the ramshackle job on the Warjack. Nicely done!