Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Onika Kriege

The Necromantic Witch joins the Barrow Watch:


The town of Vollmundbarrow was one of the settlements that had been massacred by Korak the Grim and his
Hellriders. The ruins were utterly devoid of life; not even the souls of the dead lingered near the corpses, for they had all been consumed by Korak's black coach on its deadly ride. It was here that Vampire Queen Olivia von Koss made her lair and began her deadly crusade against the living.




The Exhumed

The cemeteries of Vollmundbarrow are vast, but the inhabitants do not rest easy. If one were to look out across the hillside, it would seem at times that the grave markers themselves were shifting across the land. In fact, the dead have pulled themselves from the earth, many of them with their tombstones and markers still on their hunched backs. Shoulder to shoulder, packed so densely that their coffin lids resemble a shield phalanx, the deadwalker horde marches on...


Onika Kriege

Olivia von Koss was determined to find the power behind this graveyard that moves, for it was neither her nor her Barrow Watch lieutenants that were animating the corpses. She discovered the witch Onika Kriege prowling around the ruins of Vollmundbarrow. The necromantic ability of the witch was indeed considerable to be able to sustain such a vast horde of undead.

Ages ago, Onika turned to necromancy after losing her daughter. Her early attempts at resurrection were unable to produce lasting results; over and over, she reanimated the child, only to lose her again. Forsaking all else to practice the dark arts, Onika learned how to extend her own life far beyond the mortal range as she perfected her craft. Unfortunately, by the time she grew powerful enough to sustain reanimation nearly indefinitely, her daughter's remains had become so desiccated and decayed that resurrection was no longer possible.

Cast out from society, cursed by her obsession, Onika Kriege is damned to wander the land, whispering her daughter's name. Wherever she passes, the dead rise and follow. They are all her children now.

The Vampire Queen couldn't fathom such innate power being wielded so idly. Sorrow and loss were traits that Olivia understood all too well, and she could use them to recruit the Necromantic Witch to her cause.



Onika Kriege was the last unfinished model I had held over from last year. You can see the build process for her in this post: Kitbashing a Necromantic Witch


I also took some better photos of the individual zombies from The Exhumed. I'm still working on more and will have about 60 when complete, enough to have an entire graveyard worth of models shambling around!



'Til next time!

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