Sunday, June 9, 2024

Tomb Prince Selketta

Selketta and his "pet" are finished:



Tomb Prince Selketta, known as the Sand Scorpion, has been in the works for a long time, but he is ready for the battlefield at last! He will be the general of my army until it grows large enough to be lead by the King himself.



Selketta's scorpion motif is carried through his basing and weapons:



Here he is side-by-side with his original "Vampire Counts traveling clothes" version. The Tomb Herald model came with a mounted version, so I'll probably put him on a horse at some point. (After all, I do have another head with the modified scorpion helmet; I have to do something with it!) 



Selketta is accompanied by one of his giant tomb scorpions. I have two more to add to his menagerie, but I need to finish all my skeleton regiments first. 



I ended up permanently gluing the scorpion on his new base. I'll save the old graveyard-themed 50mm base for something else, but I won't be swapping him back.



One of the things I need to look at when I build the other two scorpions, is whether I can add any variety to the corpse on the back of the model. The tomb scorpions look like they are walking sarcophagi, so the body in each scorpion should look like it represents the individual personality of the person it's carrying. The model is a solid metal piece, however, so it might be easier said than done.



'Til next time!


  1. Great to see the transformation of Selketta from the original mini. And scorpion looks much better on the bigger base.Always great to see your minis.


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