Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Planning for the Old World

The launch day for Warhammer: The Old World has come and gone, and both of my local shops still have not received any product, so all I can do is plan and scheme...


"At long last, your slumber is over!"

I didn't pre-order anything, as I wasn't willing to play the "wait in the queue only to discover that everything is sold out" game. But I have been following all the previews and watching some of the book reviews on YouTube. So far, everything I've seen looks really great.

I was tempted to go for the Tomb King starter box, but I already have more skeletons, horses, and chariots than I'll ever need (assuming I haven't pilfered too many components from the sprues), so the contents of the box would be mostly redundant.

My plan is to just purchase the core rulebook and the Ravening Hordes army tome. I'm going to skip the Arcane Journal for the Tomb Kings, because I generally don't use special characters. The new army lists and unit options like Necroserpents (the unridden Necropolis Knight snakes) and Tomb Guard Chariots are interesting, but I've learned my lesson about "new" converted unit types and alternate army lists in supplemental material– They rarely stand the test of time. (Army of Sylvania from the Srorm of Chaos, anyone?) I think the main army will keep me plenty busy.

In addition to the Sphinx, Screaming Skull Catapult, and Battle Force box, I have a bits box full of Tomb Kings parts that I never got around to building. I think the newer plastic kits from the 8th Edition era are the only things I'll need to pick up to get this army off the ground (or rather, out of the ground).



My Warmaster undead army will serve as the blueprint, essentially getting scaled up to Warhammer scale. All the characters and unit brigades will transfer over, and there's even a bone dragon now, so I can do a large scale version of the Liche Priest Imnutep and his dragon. (No Bone-Throwers, though.)


A while back, I had converted a Bone Giant based on the little one from Warmaster. He just needs a proper base, and he'll be ready to roll.



The core of the army will start with the hierophant, in the form of Omentet the Librarian, whom I had built for the Resurrection narrative. I didn't go crazy with his base, so it will be no big deal to pop him onto a 25mm base.


To lead the Army of the Baltizzar Necropolis, I have Tomb Prince Selketta (pictured here in his Warmaster form, actually a Liche Priest because there are no Heroes in the Warmaster undead army.)



This is Selketta in his "traveling clothes," allied into my Vampire Counts army. 



I also have the beginnings of his "formal" Tomb Kings version, which will be one of the first models I finish off. His body is from the old Tomb Kings army standard bearer. There's a mounted version of that model, too, so maybe I'll give him a horse to match his Warmaster tiny self.



From there, it will be skeleton warriors and archers to fill out his retinue of core troops. I've also got a Tomb Scorpion ready to go. This scorpion was also part of my allied contingent, and its feet are pinned onto the Vampire Counts-themed base. I had built it that way with the intention of swapping him onto a desert base for use in a Tomb Kings army, so it will be nice to finally see that plan fulfilled. (And I had the foresight to buy two more back when they weren't very expensive, so he'll have company!)



Until my Tomb Kings are up and running, I'll be trying out the rules with my Vampire Counts and Skaven. On that note, way back in 2018 when I had converted my unit of Blood Knights, I decided to put them on larger bases so they could rank up properly and to be a little closer to the oval cavalry base size for Age of Sigmar (this was before the new plastic kit was released on giant oval bases). The size I had chosen for their bases was 30mm by 60mm! Talk about predicting the future!



It's a relief to see that most of the Vampire Count models are staying on the same size bases; it's only the regular infantry and the mounted cavalry that got the size increase. Dire Wolves, and all the bats and monstrous infantry get to keep their bases. And let me tell you, my Black Knights can really use the extra room on their movement trays!

I can't wait to get my hands on the rulebook and get back to playing Warhammer!

'Til next time!


  1. This looks like a beautiful collection just waiting to be ressurected! I do feel the itch to do the same with some of my elves...

  2. 'I've learned my lesson about "new" converted unit types and alternate army lists in supplemental material– They rarely stand the test of time. (Army of Sylvania from the Srorm of Chaos, anyone?)'

    Zombie Pirates.
    Zombie Pirates!

  3. Curious, are you planning on doing tournaments then? I am not, so rebasing is not going to happen. Why not just use the movement tray trick to make the units size up? Curious as to your thoughts on these options...

    1. I don't know about tournaments, but probably not. I'll likely make slotted movement trays for the units and bump the characters' bases up to 25mm. (Although, then the 25mm character wouldn't fit into a 20mm slot on the tray... I'll figure something out.)


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