Monday, October 30, 2023

Olivia Von Koss and the Barrow Watch

If you've been following my #HobbyStreak on Twitter and Instagram, you'll have seen some of the progress I've been making on my Soulblight Gravelords army led by Olivia. Here's a look at everything I've finished, and a continuation of Olivia's narrative following her resurrection: 


Vampire Queen Olivia von Koss

The tale of Olivia von Koss is a tragic one. Slain by her lover the Vampire Lord Seth von Koss and condemned to the catacombs, Olivia grew into a vengeful spirit, swearing to one day exact revenge on her killer. 



After her resurrection, the Vampire Queen had her own free will for the first time in centuries, and was ready to hunt down and destroy Seth von Koss. But Olivia had existed in a state of ethereal twilight for so long that the material world had become, more or less, imperceptible. Her spectral cohorts were more real to her than any physical environment, and her hatred had blinded her to everything but the living essence of her victims– which she and her Sisterhood of Sorrow took great pleasure in extinguishing. 



As Olivia adjusted to her new surroundings, she learned of the destruction of the Old World. Her vengeance had become all-consuming, and the thought that she may have been robbed of it was enraging. If she could not make Seth von Koss suffer, she would make everyone suffer.


Olivia's path eventually brought her to the town of Vollmundbarrow, one of the settlements that had been massacred by Korak the Grim and his Hellriders. The ruins were utterly devoid of life; not even the souls of the dead lingered near the corpses, for they had all been consumed by the black coach on its deadly ride. The streets and graveyards of the hillside town contained more than enough resources for the Vampire Queen to begin her crusade...



Wight Queens

En route to Vollmundbarrow, Olivia came across the tomb of Milana and Loralyn Crayne. In life, the sisters had been trained as royal guard for their kingdom. The fiercely loyal pair fell defending their noble house but, in the Realm of Death, it was not uncommon for warriors to continue holding their oaths well beyond the grave. Their lord eventually became unnerved at the thought of having dead soldiers protecting him, and ordered the Crayne sisters properly entombed. Although their kingdom had fallen decades ago, the pair were honored by the opportunity to serve a new master when Olivia von Koss freed them.



The Barrow Watch


The long dead soldiers of the Vollmundbarrow's city watch form the personal retinue of Olivia von Koss. Sustained by the power of her Wight Queen lieutenants, and organized by Watch Captain Stielgrav, the Barrow Watch skeletons defend the Vampire Queen's lair, and accompany her on the battlefield. 


That's the army so far. I'm currently working on a necromancer and some zombies to help "flesh" out the ranks. I've also shot some rotations of the models, which I'll be posting on my Youtube channel in the coming days.

'Til next time!


  1. Hey Rob!

    Love the minis DVD the painting and photography are phenomenal!

    Did you do much kit bashing?

    Any guides on the painting?

    1. Thank you! Pretty much all my characters are kitbashed or converted. I rarely build models "stock." I didn't do any painting guides for this batch, but if you click the "Modeling and Painting" label in the sidebar, I've got tutorials for painting skeletons and tons of other stuff.

  2. Beatiful work! I have indeed followed your progress on these, but seeing them all completed and together in amazing scenery really elevates them even further!

    1. Thank you! It's a relief to finally have them all finished, and being able to assemble the whole force really makes the hard work worth it.


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