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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

RESURRECTION– V. The Hellriders

With all of the components in place, Korak's plan to resurrect his master could proceed to its final phase. Nieman Kimmel's artifacts had been meticulously crafted, including a recreation of the necromancer's ceremonial mitre hat. Each of these precious relics was entrusted to a spirit bearer to carry alongside the simulacrum bound within the black coach. Their combined magic, along with the death energy yet to be accumulated by the coach, would surely draw Kimmel's soul to its new vessel.



At Stavros the Mortician's request, Korak drafted four spectral steeds from his Congregation's regiment of Hexwraiths. Chosen for their speed and ferocity in battle, this team of "nightmares" was hitched to the yoke of the coach. With Stavros in the driver's seat, the creaking wooden carriage rolled forth, ready to cut a bloody swathe across the realm.



Atop his own steed, Korak the Grim summoned the full might of the Congregation of the Crimson Shroud's shock forces. The time for subtlety was over; if the plan was successful, the magical energy surrounding the black coach would surely draw attention– that was, after all, it's intended purpose– and Korak would have difficulty concealing the Congregation's activity from Nagash and his Mortarchs.



As his newly formed Hellrider Brigade set out on its grim campaign, the Red-Hooded Wraith hoped they would be able to achieve their goal before Lady Olynder or one of her lieutenants took notice of the carnage that would ensue. If She were to intervene, Korak might lose this opportunity, and all of his effort would have been for nothing.



For months, the Hellriders blazed a trail of destruction across the realm of Shyish. In these attacks, Korak made sure there were no survivors; every living thing was to be consumed by the black coach to feed its gruesome cargo.

With every town they left in flames, the power of the coach grew stronger. The sub-commanders of Korak's Congregation started to become concerned with the wraith's obsession. There seemed to be no end to his blind crusade, even though the simulacrum within the coach had already accumulated more death energy than they had ever witnessed. The Banshee Queen Olivia, in particular, wondered when it would be enough...



To be continued...


  1. Awesome man! And that photo with city in flames deserves to be made into a poster, framed and hung on a wall!

    1. Thank you so much! :D It took forever to stage that shot– all of the elements were stacked up on my table, propped up with boxes and such to get everything to sit at the correct level and angle. (Has to be seen to be believed!) But all the effort was worth if for the finished product. Painting the fire and smoke in Photoshop was fun. :)


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