Friday, September 16, 2022

Library of the Scriptor Mortis

I ended up going in a completely different direction with the bookshelves for the Scriptor Mortis:



Before I get into the build, I first want to apologize for letting the comments lag. I have the comments on this blog set up for moderator approval so I can weed out spam. I hadn't been properly receiving notifications about comments awaiting moderation, and just assumed no one was leaving comments. I owe Paintsquig1980 a big thanks for bringing it to my attention. (If you like undead models and beautiful scenery, and aren't already following him, you should definitely check out his blog PALEtte!) Everyone's comments are posted now, and the comment process should be functioning normally.

So... Those crummy little wooden bookshelves weren't doing it for me, so I tore them apart and went with a more impressive (and thematic) shrine-like library. To build it, I used two entryways from the Sigmarite Mausoleum with the steeple. I cut away their gates and glued them back to back, forming an archway.



I took the crypt cover from the same set, and trimmed it down to cover one side of the arch. It didn't reach all the way to the top, so I covered the gap with a gargoyle and gave him a skull face.



On the reverse side, I used putty to fill the gaps in the crypt lid. This alcove became the basis for the bookshelf.



The platform was made from the large square base from the Sigmarite Mausoleum statue of Morr. It's been trimmed down, and the recess in the top that would normally seat the statue has been smoothed over with putty. I added some skulls in the bottom (of course). The mass of skulls was taken from one of the chests on the Bonetithe Nexus, and I added a few loose skulls.



I made some shelves out of thick styrene card, and added the books and scrolls from the Hurricanum. I also used this opportunity to trim off the very "Empire-y" purity seals on the books.



For the roof, I cut some sections of styrene, and scored the surface to make wooden shingles. These were glued on from the bottom up, overlapping each other. I clued square styrene rod underneath to form a frame, and filled the gaps with putty. More putty was used to make the small cover at the roof's apex.



The remaining set of books was chopped up and placed at the base. The open book is from the Empire Wizards kit. The hand was trimmed off and the book was placed to look as though it had dropped and spilled open.



My original intention was to permanently use this as the base for the Scriptor Mortis, which would have meant increasing his ba

se size. It was too large for a 50mm base, and a 60mm base didn't feel right. In the end, I decided to keep him separate so this piece could serve as a stand-alone terrain feature. I put pins in the bottom of the Scriptor Mortis (no room for magnets) so he can swap between a normal 40mm base and his scenic "library" base. The cracks in the floor will camouflage the pin holes when he's not there. When separate, the library could be a small objective or an arcane terrain feature– If a wizard is on the scenery the model gains +1 to casting, unbinding, and dispelling rolls.



The Scriptor himself still needed his third arm addressed. I trimmed away the shoulder blade and shifted its position to line up with the regular arm. The gap underneath was filled with modeling putty, and now he has two matching arms. 



The Scriptor Mortis just about finished. Only a few minor details to work out and I'll be able to start painting.



'Til next time!


  1. Well that is pretty great, and I like how it can double for a little objective when you are playing a smaller, or more narrative game.

    1. Thank you! I'm really digging this little piece and the Scriptor.

  2. Wow. That's so impressive at so many levels!


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