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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

More Vampires and More Marines

I've been looking forward to this project for a while– Time to combine these two kits!


I hadn't planned on painting more Imperial Fists for a long time, but I keep thinking about how cool the Inceptors will look once painted up in yellow. And, there are only three of them, so it shouldn't drag out into a months-long project. I think I can do some interesting things with the basing as well– mounting them on industrial pipes instead of the clear plastic flying stands.


Once I got all the parts cleaned up, I carved away the shoulder pads so I can replace them with the sculpted Imperial Fist shoulder pads. I'll get these prepped for priming and painting, and work on the base attachments in another post.



As for the vampire...

I haven't played a game of Age of Sigmar in almost two years, and I'm essentially skipping 3rd Edition and the "Oops! All Crunchberries Special Characters" Soulblight Gravelords battletome, but there are so many great models, that I can't help converting unique vampire characters.

The plan for this project is to convert Lady Olynder into a floating vampire queen with bits from the "Warhammer Day" Anasta Malakorion model. A few obstacles are the fact that Olynder doesn't have any legs, and that the model's left arm will need to be posed holding her skirt.



There aren't any legs to be salvaged from spare Nighthaunt models, that's for sure, but I found a solution with the "bat hair" Vampire Lord. I'll use her legs for the floating vampire queen...



Then, I'll build that vampire with the ethereal skirt from a banshee to create one of the vampire queen's lieutenants.



I cut the feet to be hanging down rather than standing, and significantly trimmed the tops to get the legs close together.



Even with the top of the legs trimmed down, I still needed to carve away material inside the skirt to accommodate them.



Once I was satisfied with the fit, I glued the skirt halves together. The seams were filled with Aves Apoxie Sculpt and, once it had cured, I sanded the surface smooth.



I also used a little putty to fill the gaps on the tops of the feet, and in the crotch area (both barely visible in this image). I realized too late that I should have left the legs separate from the skirt for easy painting, but oh well. I'm getting tired of sub assemblies anyway.



Anasta's collar does fit around Olynder's neck, but her torso is missing half a boob and doesn't really have any shape without the veil and hair. So, I cut the models at the ribcage, and shaped the parts to fit together.



It took a lot of test fitting and making minor adjustments, but I ended up slicing Olynder's arm away from her hair, and gluing it to the skirt. I settled on Anasta's "baby dragon" arm, and thought I might attach the two arm halves at the elbow, but I couldn't get them to line up, so I trimmed most of the arm out from under the shawl and attached it over the skinny arm of Olynder. 



I bulked up the arm with more putty to match the musculature and thickness of Anasta's opposite arm, which I'll probably keep most of in the final pose.



That's all the hard work done on this model. From here it should be just a matter of attaching the armor bits, and working out the basing and final details.

'Til next time!


  1. Keep up the good work. I'm back to painting or building models most night as we are gearing up for a narrative campaign of 9th Edition of 40K here in Calgary.

    1. Thank you! That sounds fun! What are you building?

    2. Right now I'm paint a Chaos Spawn, my first ever. I'm starting a 40K campaign and I will be dusting off the Diseased Sons and using the Death Guard codex.


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