Thursday, September 2, 2021

Cursed City Critters and the Vengorian Lord

I finished the rats and bats from Curse City, and made a little progress on my Vengorian vampire conversion:

Corpse Rats


I think these Corpse Rats are some of the easier models I've painted. Each model is made up of three "rows" of rats that peg together. I kept each part separate and pinned them to painting stands. They were primed black and sprayed with a zenithal highlight of grey. Then I gave them a drybrush of a slightly lighter grey to punch up the highlights. I painted all the tails, feet, and faces with Formula P3 Thrall Flesh darkened with a little brown ink, and picked out the skulls and bone with GW Screaming Skull. After that, I washed a few individual rats with GW Agrax Earthshade, and the rest with GW Nuln Oil. When the wash layer was dry, I drybrushed the tails with the flesh mix, and then straight Thrall Flesh closer to the tips. I also drybrushed the faces with Thrall Flesh (very dry), just to pop the detail a little more.

I finished the bases separately, and then attached all the components. I'm really happy with how they turned out, and the grey fur and greenish flesh helps them stand out from my Skaven rats. 



Bat Swarms

The Bat
s took a little longer. Since they are attached to their bases, I had to take more care with each step. They were primed with black, and sprayed with a zenithal highlight of Krylon Camouflage Ultra-Flat Khaki. After finishing all the base elements, I washed the bats themselves with a mix of Agrax Earthshade, GW Lhamian Medium, and brown ink. When the wash was dry, I drybrushed the bats with a mix of GW Tau XV-88 and P3 Thrall Flesh, and picked out the talons and fangs with Screaming Skull. Finally, I washed the wing membranes with Agrax Earthshade and then Nuln Oil, allowing them to dry in between.

I'm going to attempt a similar process on my Fell Bats, and hopefully they won't take forever.



The Vengorian Lord

My progress on this guy has been steadily progressing. I built up the neck with Aves Apoxie Sculpt and then sculpted some musculature over it with brown modeling putty. The head is from Mannfred's Dread Abyssal. I trimmed the jawbone a little to allow more clearance at the shoulder, and filled in the hollow underside of the jaw and add a tongue.



To bulk up his shoulders, I made shoulder pads out of the barding from the Black Knight kit. I clipped off the rear end of the barding, trimmed away the rider's skirt, and cleaned up the edges.



The armor gives him a little more mass and keeps his head from looking oversized. I'm imagining this character as an intelligent spell caster– a vampire lord in his ultimate monstrous form, not simply a monster– so wearing proper armor and clothes gives him a little more agency and befits his status. 



For the back, I'm considering this piece from the Blood Knight kit. 



Here's the shoulder armor with some putty filling out his shoulders and adding more surface area to keep the armor in place. I'll sculpt connecting straps and such once the armor components are situated, and add fur on the back of his neck.



'Til next time!

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