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Monday, January 4, 2021

First Models of the New Year

Although they didn't make it in time for the end of 2020, the Glaivewraith Stalkers are finally finished.


I had painted a batch of four waaay back in 2019, and I added 12 more so I can field two eight-man units.



The leader is normally equipped with a "deathbeat drum" that allows the unit to retreat from combat and charge again, but I swapped the drum for a screaming skull that guides them into the fray and looks a little more thematic than a random drum when there are no other drummers anywhere in the army.



The screaming skull was converted using the flame from the Guardian of Souls' lantern, a skull from the classic Skeleton Warrior kit, and some modeling putty. I kept the part separate for painting.



My first new models of 2021 are the Guardian of Souls and Spirit torment from the Soul Wars box set. I swapped around a few of the parts on the Spirit Torment. Guardian's sword was replaced with a hand sickle and I traded his lantern staff for the handheld lantern from the store exclusive model. I also extended his robe a bit with part of the sleeve from the Corpse Cart's driver.



I'm also working on two Chainghasts. I've assembled their shrouds, but I'm leaving their arms separate for painting. They would just be in the way, and their attachment points seem like they would be really delicate. I'll paint them on the sprue and then touch up the metal on the spots where I clip them free.



My goal for 2021 is to finish the year with no backlog of unfinished miniatures. I intent to knock out the models I've already started, and finish every new model and scenery project that I begin. Famous last words, I know, but its the effort that counts. If I can at least tick off everything I still have left over from 2018, I'll count that as a win.



'Til next time!


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