Saturday, November 14, 2020

Project Log: The Tombs of Tithing, Part 6

In this installment, I finish up the interior crypts:

Inside the main tomb are wall crypts that have been exposed and excavated. I had left spaces for these, with each grave marked out.


I began by assembling some corpses with parts from the GW Skeleton Warriors and Grave Guard kits. These pieces were laid in a bed of wood glue and sprinkled with sand and gravel to give them a half-buried appearance.



On the roof, I also added some skeletons in the exposed graves.



While the wood glue was drying, I used insulation foam to build the rear wall and the remains of the second level of crypts.



Once the glue was dry, and the sand set in place, I super glued arms onto the skeletons.



I coated the wall stones with Mod Podge, and once that was dry, applied plenty of sand and gravel to the different surfaces. I also added more stones to represent some remains of the collapsed walls.



If you noticed the pencil circle drawn on the landing, that was marking the size of a 40mm base to ensure that I left enough room for a model to comfortably stand amid the rubble.



On the front wall, I built a shelf for one of the second level crypts. I also glued plastic card to the undersides of the bases I had made for the wall plaques so they would appear to be solid blocks of stone.



I added another skeleton lying in its crypt, and glued the plaques in place over the openings. I used a thick piece of square plastic rod and some hex rod to create the attachment bolts for the plaques.



The last step was to make the decorative metal rails on either side of the plaques. (I almost forgot to add these!)



Here's how the interior looks with everything in place. I've kept the shelf separate for painting, though.



One final detail was to add a plaque on the rear wall. I used the crypt cover from one of the Sigmarite Mausoleum/ Garden of Morr bases.



I finally settled on what to use for the front wall embellishments– These are resin parts from my Skull Forge Scenics graveyard wall entrance. I stacked them atop each other and filled in the gaps with Aves putty. For the spikes on the bottom, I cut up some top spikes from the roadside shrines and added tiny skulls cut from the handles of old Tomb Kings swords. 



I also began filling in the cavities on the Bonetithe Nexus steps where the barrels and chests would normally fit. I don't want to use the barrels or chests (I'll save them to make cargo or objective markers), so I cut this skeleton out of his barrel and filled in the gaps with skulls from the GW skull pack and a few stray bones from other kits. 



And that takes care of the front half of the tomb. I just need to tackle the hill above the mausoleums at the rear.



'Til next time!


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