Saturday, October 12, 2019

Red-Hot Swords and the Guardian of Souls

I've added a couple of new additions to my endless spell roster and Nighthaunt army– 



I snagged the super-secret anniversary Guardian of Souls. This is such a fantastic model, I cannot understand why GW has not made it available for general release and has apparently retired it. Especially since the only way to acquire a Guardian of Souls (the key wizard for the Nighthaunt army) is in the Soul Wars starter box. So, what happens in a year or two when the Soul Wars box is replaced with a new starter set? Nighthaunt players just can't get a wizard for their army? Furthermore, there are options in the battletome that are only represented by this model. It doesn't make any sense, especially since the Lord Executioner and Spirit Torment each have a stand-alone version. I guess we'll run into the same problem with the Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed, since he's only available in the starter box as well.

This guy was a blast to build and paint. I put him together "stock" with no conversion other than to remove the candle from his helmet. The model served as a great opportunity to test my process of blending the tips of the robes from black to ethereal mist. The colors are a blended transition from black, through Formula P3 Coal Black, Nihilakh Oxide and P3 Thrall Flesh, and Vallejo Ghost Grey at the tip.



My endless spell queue is nearly finished. I converted the Quicksilver Swords into red-hot flaming swords. Fire was sculpted over the smoky tendrils with green stuff modeling putty:




I was inspired by some images of models with swords painted like they hot, glowing metal. They are basically blended from white at the center to orange and red at the edges, with bits of metal slag painted around the edges and along the blade. I was having doubts as I was painting them, but they turned out pretty well.



That just leaves three endless spells from the Malign Sorcery box– Ravenak's Gnashing Jaws, the Emerald Lifeswarm, and the Umbral Spellportal. They're all primed, just waiting for paint.



'Til next time!


  1. Haha, I think Khorne bloodbound would like a word with GW first about the Korgaroth or blood stoker.
    Mind both come in a start collecting so I'd expect the same for night haunt.
    Shadowspear in 40k going Oop so soon without the obliterator multi part kit release sucks.

    Still as always beautiful work and the hot metal is stunning.
    Always look forward to your posts cropping up on my feed.

    1. Thanks Dan! I'm still waiting for the Warlock Bombardier & Abhorrent Archregent. At least they were on their own sprue so they could be sold separately, so there's no excuse for those not to be released yet. Again– two key character models that players just can't have access to anymore.

  2. Wow you ave done an amazing job on that guardian!

  3. I've often found that flame effects like that look utterly crap until finished, and then it all comes together and they're awesome.

    The Guardian looks awesome as well. I love the variety of textures and finishes you have there, with the incorruptible gold contrasting against the rusted steel, and the cloak contrasting against the ghostly "flesh", but then fading to match it at the tattered fringe.

    1. Thanks! The Guardian really helped me "dial in" exactly what is going on with my Nighthaunt models:

      If it's got bones (like the Cairn Wraiths & Hexwraiths) then I treat it as "solid"– the cloak stays black with dirt & dust on it. Any ethereal wisps are separate.

      If it's got "skin," then it's "ghostly" and any robes that transition into ethereal smoke don't get dirt, but the top robe or hood DOES get dirt and weathering, as though it's a solid object being worn by the ghost.

      Likewise, all the metal parts and weapons are also painted as solid.

      That will help me stay on track when figuring out how something should be painted as I go forward with the army.


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