Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Upgrading the Black Templars

As I've been playing more 40K, I have been taking the opportunity to upgrade and finish some of my Black Templar units:


The Land Raider's sponson weapons have been swapped out so I can change between the Crusader and standard variants.



The sponsons are engineered so the bottom peg fits in the lower cover, and the top cover attaches to the hull with magnets.


My dreadnought has a few more options now– The plasma cannon, assault cannon, and now a twin-linked lascannon. No magnets or pins were required; the weapon arms are secure enough simply pegged onto the shoulder post.


I have finally burned through the backlog of scouts that I've been sitting on for about 15 years. These three are the sergeants for my fire teams. They are the old metal scouts, originally armed with a pistol and close combat weapon. I swapped that load-out for boltguns.


The old Black Templar assault marines had the option to take storm shields for half the models in the unit, but the new codex doesn't allow that. My friends at the shop pointed out Vanguard Veteran squad which has some devastating weapon options, so these assault marines have gotten a promotion.


The storm shields are made from old Empire shields with some Templar cross shield icons, and sculpted crosses. Most of the weapons needed to be traded out. The Sergeant is equipped with a relic blade converted from a Black Templars sword and a little sculpting. I already had a model with a power fist, but he needed a new shield.


The main focus was arming the models with thunder hammers. I could only find four in my parts box, all from the old metal terminators. I cut them off above the forearm so I wouldn't have to replace the whole arm. It worked out quite well.


The last four models in the unit are armed with chainswords.


Here's my 1000-point force, focused around the newly-finished models:


'Til next time!


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