Thursday, February 15, 2018

Painting the Knight of Shrouds

This week I picked up the Knight of Shrouds, and painted him in record time...


Oddly enough, the model is a press-fit kit. The pegs hold him together without glue, but you'll want to glue it anyway, and there are seams on the top of his cloak that need to be concealed with putty.


I wanted to get this model painted within 48 hours for the Wargame Hobby Bingo card, so I got cracking on this guy as soon as I got home. The parts were cleaned and readied for priming.


I sprayed him with dark grey primer, and then dusted the bottom of the model with light grey spray, and white primer.


I kept the front and back separate so I could paint the insides of the cloak, which would be visible once assembled.


I matched my ethereal models, blending up to dark Coelia Greenshade where the ghostly bits meet the cloak.


I also painted the iron fence and the hourglass necklace while he was apart.


Then the halves were joined and the seams puttied. I didn't bother re-priming over the putty, and just painted straight over it once it was dried.


The cloak and scabbard were painted and the base detailed before I sprayed the model with Testors Dull Cote. Then the chain mail and sword were painted and the other metallic bits touched up a little over the Dull Cote.


And here he is:




I checked off the box for "buying and painting a model within 48 hours."


I also worked on some trays for my undead models, so that gets me the "build something that's not for the battlefield" box as well.




My next project is finishing off the Skeleton reinforcements, and then I'll be moving on to the Hexwraiths and Spirit Hosts.


'Til next time!


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