Sunday, January 28, 2018

Finishing Off the Skaven Queue

In addition to Plague Priest Scrabis-Tocsinous, I've put the lid on a few more of the projects in my Skaven queue:


I finished painting the unit of five Plague Censor Bearers. I've got more Plague Monk bodies and a few more of the Screaming Bell censors. I'll have to track down more of those bits and scrounge all of my "smoke" pieces from other kits to make more.




The first 20 of my 80 Pestilens-themed Clanrats are finished, including the two champions. The plan is to field them as two 40-man units. I'll work on the other command models in the next batch, and slowly chip away at these over time.


I also found a solution for the warpfire throwers that came with Thanquol and Boneripper. By pinning them into an attachment part, I can magnetize them to fit on the Stormfiends.


I used the large smoke stack from the Hordes War Hog, and modeling putty for the attachment points. The warpfire throwers are pinned through the stacks, which are magnetized to the Stormfiends' arms.


Since I had used the original cover plates from the warpfire throwers for other conversions, I needed to sculpt new ones. Here are the Stormfiends with their new weaponry:



The warpfire throwers still fit on Boneripper, so when I eventually I paint Thanquol, I can field him as the Great horned Rat intended.


In the mean time I'll be working on my Undead and Space Marines. Some of the warscrolls for the Legions of Nagash book just leaked, so I need to see how the army shapes up in the coming months.

I've gone through my Undead Legions and Skaven galleries, and my Terrain Tutorial archives and updated them with images and tutorials from the past year or so. Check them out and see if you've missed anything.

I've also got more coming from my Skull Forge Scenics range, starting with more sizes for the Industrial Bases.



'Til next time!

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