Thursday, November 19, 2015

Brother Valencio, Space Hulk Terminator

Back on the Space Hulk Terminator front, Brother Valencio is finished:


The sculpting on these final few Terminators went pretty quickly. I'm replacing most of the dangly bits with other Space Marine details rather than sculpting them. I wasn't able to cleanly remove the wing on the right shoulder, so the rough patch was covered with a purity seal. I think this model required the most work on the legs to fix the undercut correction (places where the detail flattens of stretches to allow the model to come out of the mold).


The remaining Terminators' painting is in the final stages. I'm hoping to have them finished soon, along with a painting guide for the process I use to paint my Black Templars. Then I'll only have the Librarian to finish. The Genestealers will have to wait until next year.




'Til next time!

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